Concoon yourself in this space age spa pod

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Every now and then we all need some down time, and now you can switch off in something that looks scarily close to the Avatar’s nest (plus a few extra comforts). This space age looking design is called the Concoon and is created by German design company Wasserbetten. As you’ve probably guessed from the not so subtle play on words, the idea is that you cocoon yourself into this pod and it allows you to unwind with a personalized experience. Each pod is created with smart materials that let you mimic the ‘floating feeling’ you might have in the womb (or in a floatation tank).

The Concoon features a built in water bed with surround sound which can be accessed with headphones or through subtle speakers. It also features various light cycles which are supposed to mimic various states of relaxation and provide therapeutic relief. The design looks ethereal and elegant but is surprisingly sturdy with a stainless steel base and a glass fiber reinforced plastic outer shell. The idea is that 20 minutes a day cocooned inside should allow you relief from everyday stresses, and I’m betting it’s super comfortable as well.

The water mattress also channels heat evenly through the Concoon allowing you a feeling of warmth and weightlessness which combined with the ambient colour and noise should relax you. Available in white, you can order custom versions designed to your personal colour palette.

Claustrophobics should avoid it, but if you have the cash (and the space) it seems  like a cool way to add some salon style to your home.

Get it from Wasserbetten for a guestimated £3,000-£8,000.

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