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Now that 2012 has finally arrived, it’s time to start getting revved up for the Olympics (not so far away now), actually start visiting the gym and start tackling some of those resolutions on your list. One of them is bound to be ‘Have a lovely, stylish and geekified home’, so I’ve out together ten great  gadget accessories to let you live a lovely geeky life at home.

1. Geek Wall Stickers from Bouf

I’m a big fan of wall decals (easy to apply and remove= no landlord surcharge) and Bouf has an amazing selection. My favourite would have to be the Super Mario wall stickers, which would be amazing for a games room- heck, any room, but they also have a more muted space invader version if you want to class it up.

2.The iPod Duvet set

Show your love for Apple (and your single status) with this super cute coverlet. I wish you could custom order it with your favourite Apps- mine would come complete with Dropbox, TripAdvisor and Byline. [via]

3. Camera Lens Cups

These are something that might make your Mum look worried and go and buy you some of BHS’s finest, but these cool camera cups will add some geek chic to your kitchen area. Not only can you drink coffee from a DSLR lens, you can also use the lid for cookies- a win win situation!  £12.99 for one from Firebox.

4. BodyClock Elite Wake Up Light/ Alarm clock from Lumie

I’m cheating a little with this inclusion as I actually own one and think it’s brilliant. You get a SAD lamp which features a  low light that turns into a fierce glow to help you wake up in the morning and you can set it to turn the radio on/play music at the same time.

Get it here

5. FroYo machine for the home

I’ve loved Froyo ever since I first had a Tasti Dlite when I visited New York. The texture! The taste! The fact that it’s like ice cream but sooo much better for you.

Thankfully we now have many more options to get one in the UK, but having a machine for the home would be the ultimate in luxury. A few companies offer them, so I’ll just have to start saving the approximate £2000 needed to get one. Taylor Company is a good place to start looking…

6. Cuisinart Soup Maker

Every year I promise myself I’ll do more in the kitchen than wince and turn the microwave on, and the Cuisinart range may help me take the next step. I’m intrigued by their smart looking soup maker, and I would like to cut down on my Covent Garden Soup expenditure. OK, it’s an investment piece, but if you really do get 1.4 litres of soup it may be worth it. I love that it has an integrated heater, so once blended you’re ready to dig in straightaway. Check it out here.

7. Stiletto shoe bath

I’ve already written about my love for this amazing looking themed bath, and feel this has to be included on a top ten list of geeklicious home delights. What it’s missing in iPod docks it makes up for in- well, it’s a STILETTO shaped bath! Nuff said, right?

8. Spiky shower curtain from artist Elisabeth Buecher

I’m really more of a bath girl than a shower girl, and this spiky shower curtain would certainly inspire me to spend less time in the shower. Designed to inflate SPIKES after four minutes of use, the concept is around saving energy and spending less time wasting water/singing Mariah Carey badly. It’s actually pretty as well as eco friendly and I’d love to have this in my house and shock visitors with it!

Artist Elisabeth Buecher created this for a show- I hope to see it in production soon.


9. Bedside booklight

Everyone who reads this site knows I love books about as much as chocolate/Facebook/the internet (basically, A LOT) so this cute book light/lamp ticks all the right boxes for me. Shaped like a house it’s the perfect shape to act as a bookmark for the novel you’re reading, and looks quite stylish as well. The light is fairly low, so won’t damage/burn the book and you don’t have to worry about  losing your place- or being one of those awful people who creases pages (shudder). Just one aside- don’t think it will manage to hold my Kindle!

Get it here from Firebox

10. Star Wars R2D2 dustbin

Whether you’re more Trekkie/Dollhouse than Star Wars, you must admit this is a super cute trash can, and would make throwing out your rubbish a lot more entertaining. OK, you’ll still be flipping a coin to see who takes turns going outside, but whilst indoors this beauty is perfect for any room.


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