Desserts on Vinyl project takes a new spin on food blogging

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There is room for every sort of person in the blogosphere, but one that I’ve found cropping up again and again in my circle of friends is the rise of the food blogger. I have nothing against restaurant reviews- they’re helpful, and it’s good to get personal suggestions; but I do object to dining with someone who photographs every course. It’s weird, that’s what it is, and though it may make for a great blogpost, it turns dinner into some odd interactive show, where you suddenly start enthusing about the paprika blended mint sauce or the ‘insert pretentious foodie slang here’.

There is still room for innovation and creativity in the food blogging world (no, I don’ mean using a Lomo/Instagram filter) and I’ve found it personified by the 33RPM project.  The Desserts on Vinyl project features delicious looking desserts- from ice cream sundaes to creme brulee and pear tarts- spinning on a vinyl disc, and the creators have  paired this with a dedicated Spotify Playlist to match the sweet treats.

It’s a playful look at the food we love to eat, and a way of suggesting that foodies and food bloggers should up their game. These desserts all look mouth watering, and you can tell that serious time has been spent creating something beautiful and surprising out of everyday desserts. I love the feeling of food in motion you get from these images and the bright colours and feeling of movement make these images strangely mesmerizing.


The song choice pairings are particularly inspired, with Jolene by Dolly Parton matched withe the pear and red wine image, and Where is My Mind by the Pixies matched with Panna Cotta.

This is not food porn as we know it, but I’m glad its been re-invented, and I’d like to see more innovation and playfulness from food bloggers in future.

See more of the artists work on MINK MGMT

[via FastCo]


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