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It seems that everyone has a Kickstarter or crowdfunding program at the moment, and though you’ve heard of the big BIG success stories, what about all the people with smaller goals and mini-dreams? Sure, not every project gets funded, but many that reach fulfillment only asked for small sums to let them kickstart their idea. These are the guys that DON’T get massive media attention, and pretty much drop off the radar when they’re done.

Outgrow.me seeks to solve this problem- and yes, I realize it’s a problem you might not have know you had which makes it even more genius (or does it create the problem? Must ponder…).

Their website dedicated to highlighting fully funded projects POST Kickstarter.

What they offer is a one stop shop to sorting through funded projects, something that is mucho difficult on Kickstarter, and  lets you see what they’re up to now. Outgrow.me also syncs in data from other crowdfunding sites, including IndieGoGo.

You can support people you love, browse active ideas and buy actual real life stuff– it’s like Etsy but with added crowdsourcing kudos.


A listed project: Ostrich Pillow– get a great power nap/ look weird – $99

It’s pretty cool to be be able to browse through  a range of interesting products and artwork, which in some small way you feel like you’ve helped create. OK, sure, you didn’t pay for their Kickstarter.. maybe, but it’s the essence of something that exists now through the general populace- of which we are all a part of. This idea of feeling ownership of stuff we’ve never seen before is a fairly new one, and it adds to the feeling of browsing  cool curated garage sale in your neighborhood  You might not know Mr and Mrs AverageCitizen, but you pass their house often and what they’re showing seems somehow more personal and intriguing. Now Outgrow.me takes that voyeur spirit into the stores of funded projects.

I really like that you can filter by ‘Orderable’ and ‘Pre Order’ and you can browse by category and by price. Outgrow.Me also offers a fully functional storefront for projects- which guarantees a buyer delivery in 24-48 hours. For projects that choose not to use Outgrow.Me’s custom storefront, the buy now button directs you to their chosen website where you can purchase the items.


Love, Love this- Everpurse charges your gadgets all day long without wires (using inductive charging). From $189.

ir bluetooth

IR Blue- a cool add on for the iPhone that turns it into a thermal imager.

I’m discovering a lot of cool items and the site is pretty fun to browse. It’s clean, responsive and well designed and thumbs up for making navigation super simple- and accepting PayPal (I heart PayPal).

It’s free for all finished projects to get a listing- and the Outgrow.Me team does their best to place all projects on their site (using  a cool web algorithm). If you find  something missing from their database, you can also manually  add it here.

Check out Outgrow.Me here.

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