Bodyvertising strangeness includes Beardvertising, Thighvertising and Mohawking

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There is nothing today that we don’t commercialize in some way. We name children after cities and wine (seriously, ¬†people use London and Champagne as names for girls), watch movies full of product placement and have our school classes sponsored by Sprint and Coca Cola. The body is the last bastion of all this consumerism overload, and for some time now advertisers have been coming up with creative ways to let us brand ourselves here. Forget the ordinariness of tattooing brand names on your forehead (creepy, but soo last year) and meet some of the strange but temporary ways to get messages out there.



What is it? Adverts placed in the beards of men, primarily hipsters that draw attention to the brand. These adverts can be clipped on.

Why? Well, when you have a beard everyone looks anyways, so why not commercialize on it? Now that’s “real Native Advertising.”

Who has bought into it? Brands like Dollar Shave Club.

How much can you make? They say they will pay $5 a day for you to wear a beard-board, but quite how they select you is unclear. It was popular last year, when the concept went viral, but though you can still submit an application online, it’s unclear if this is still running. The concept was created a by a marketing firm, but who says this couldn’t go bigger than that? Think Santa.. maybe.



What is it? Commercializing the fine art of the female thigh. Why wear tights when you waste space where you could place an advert? Everyone looks at ladies legs, so why not make money off all those street creepers? Thighvertising is the temporary placement of adverts on women’s upper thighs.

Why? Duh, thighs = money. This is offered by Japanese firm Absolute Territory/ Zetta IPR, and they take girls aged 18+ who can show they have more than 20 social media connections. The women who get approved need to wear the sticker on their thigh for around 8 hours.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.59.26 PM

Who has bought into it? A number of brands. For example, TED the movie, Village Vanguard and a lot of Japanese brands I don’t recognize.

How much can you make? Anything from $13-$128 (according to Yahoo News). That’s pretty good money for doing something you were already doing. Next step,…..



Hairvertising / a.k.a Mohawking

What is it? One strange and entrepreneurial young man – Mohawk Gaz, from Florida, obv, uses his mohawk as a way to make money.

Why? This particular man was looking for some extra cash, and interested in exploiting the world of niche advertising.

Who has bought into it? Companies such as deliver Lean and Pro Players Florida have pasted their message on his hair.

How much can you make?¬†He charges between $500 and $2000 for hairvertising, and then displays the slogans or logos on his head for a number of days. That’s pretty good money for being a walking billboard and the novelty value means he gets many clients.

Eye jewel

What’s next? Maybe it will be getting adverts, not just jewelry implanted on your eyeballs. Only the future knows.. god help us all.

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