Fontface showcases classic fonts on your face!

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When I was younger I thought that Comic Sans was the coolest thing since Cheesestrings created a ‘Twisted’ variety’ and used it happily on all my school homework and embarrasing  short stories (cringe). I’ve now moved on to more mature fonts, with Arial battling it out with Times New Roman, plus a secret penchant for Calibri. I’m not the only person who gets rather excited about fonts, as Atipo (a Spanish design collective) have created a series called Fontface which illustrates classic fonts using models and makeups. Their collection comprises of four iconic fonts from Helvetica Bold to Caslon Italic, and it looks very striking.  Each face was created paistakingly and took a number of hours to perfect- with the final look visually gripping.

I’d like to see them expand this series- how about recreating some more modern day iconic fonts for us to enjoy?

Learn more about Atipo here.

[via BellaSugar]

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Disney Scene Stealing Eyeshadow Artwork

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Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes long descriptions prove unnecssary and a few simple lines will do instead. Marvel at the artistry of Katie Alves, and the Disney inspired eye makeup scenes she has created. These are beautiful, well executed and amazingly detailed- enjoy!

Disney Castle Read more…

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Animal-ipstick Lip Art

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Nail art continues to be a rising trend, but I’ve just stumbled across something that could be equally exciting. Still in its infancy, the world of Lip Artistry (or Lip Art) is all about creating cool looking designs using the lips as a base. I’m totally in love with the creations by Paige Thompson, that were created for a project she called Animal-ipstick. Paige is very creative with her designs, and I’m torn about which I like most- the crab (see below) for the cute factor or Pikachu for the geek factor?

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Twelve Embarrassing Royal Wedding product tie ins

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The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and Kate Middleton will soon be exchanging her surname for ‘Windsor’ or Mr and Mrs Prince William. Whether you’re a staunch royalist or find the whole things a waste of time, there’s one thing you won’t be able to avoid. Well, two things actually if you count people’s opinions on the subject.

The second unavoidable occurrence of this wedding is the HUGE amount of tat that will be sold in conjunction, with everyone eager to make sure they have got their eBay fill worth of products. Coaster, tea towels, all the usual tat will be rolled out, but amongst those spectacularly undesirable pieces of merchandise (Kate and William coaster anyone?) is the truly overwhelming in terms of relevance to the subject matter. You can’t blame companies for wanting to get some of the moolah that will be floating around, but these Royal Wedding tie ins are truly embarrassing.

fairyweddingKate the Royal Wedding Fairy

This is a book about a fairy called Kate, who is a royal wedding fairy was created by Daisy Meadows. It’s the latest in the line of Fairy books she has written, but though the words ‘sell out;’ are never mentioned, this particular fairy isn’t quite the same as ‘Emma the Easter fairy’ or her ‘Florence the Friendship fairy’ books.

The story descriptions is as follows: ‘Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy makes sure that all weddings are happy and magical! But when mean Jack Frost steals the True Love Crown, the Fairyland royal wedding is sure to be a disaster. Can Kirsty and Rachel find the crown so the royal couple will live happily ever after…? I wonder what the name of the Royal Prince is?

Kiss Me Kate Beer

Castle Rock Brewery have created a limited edition Royal Wedding beer called ‘Kiss me Kate. I actually find this idea rather cute, as we Brits do love our booze, I just find the pink label and hearts decorating it a little sickly. It will be available on draught and from Morrisons stores during April. The head brewer says, ‘Kiss Me Kate will be elegant, tasteful and British to the core.  It’ll be brewed to 5%, pale in colour and, we’re sure it’ll be the ideal way to toast the couple’s future happiness’. Not that Ms Middleton would ever drink beer though, I reckon she’s a white wine spritzer kind of girl. Find out more from Castle Rock Brewery here. Read more…

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Why Mobdeals are the new discount codes (plus Five websites to save you money on beauty, gadgets and homewares)

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Vouchers used to be the way forward in terms of discounts. Everyone likes to get something for nothing, and Pizza Express has made a killing in recent years with their 2 for 1 voucher offers, and buy one get one for a £1. True, the waiters there may have HATED this (I have this on good authority) but the public loved it, and the Pizza Express chains have been very successful. Money off coupons also prospered, and in a much more high profile way than the ’10p off next washing powder‘ purchase. Websites such as MyVoucherCodes and Quidco prospered, and magazines printed 10% and 20% money off coupons. Everyone was happy- the retailers, the public, and the economy flourished. In the last year or so, we have seen a change in this market, as vouchers are now taking a backseat and the Mobdeal is king.

What is a Mobdeal? A Mobdeal is a deal that relies on a certain number of people to sign up to it, in order for it to be followed through. Regualr viewers of shopping channels on TV will have no problem in understanding the concept, as it’s a popular selling tool. X number of items are offered for x price- but only if 100/200/2000 people sign up to buy it. Once that ‘tipping point’ has been reached, everyone who has registered that they would like to buy the deal gets charged. This selling method is gaining popularity, and could potentially be seen as killing the discount code market. In a sense, it’s even more beneficial, as the deals only get used when they’ve reached x amount of people, which helps showcase new brands and clients, and allows people to experience good value deals, which they can then relay onto their friends. It’s a switch towards collective buying and purchasing, away from the more individualistic model that vouchers offer.

The first major push towards this way of selling online (with the mobdeal branding) in the UK came in January 2010, with the launch of the Wahanda Mobdeals. They specialize in offering discounted beauty and spa treatments and packages, which allow the consumer access to a wider range of options that might have been out their price limit- plus get them on the site, where they can buy extra items. It offers brands the exposure they need to get themselves more clients, and searches and offers are tailored by region. Since Wahanda got on board with this selling model, this idea has reached other industries, and you can now get gadgets, homeware and activity days for less. The Mobdeal is a USA selling method, which the British have been keen to embrace, as many sites have since sprung up which follow this structure. Read more…

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CarLashes- Eyelashes for your car

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Living in central London generally tends to mean that cars are rather redundant, as you can often get around more quickly by using the tubes and buses- or even walking, should it be rush hour.This bizarrely lovely creation makes me wish I still owned a motor, as I’d love to primp up my car with long feathery lashes. Called ‘CarLashes’, they adhere to the lights of the car like fake lashes do to the eyes and make your ride look rather feminine. I know people who give their cars names, this is just taking that step further… Read more…

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Growing Up Skipper doll matures *just* like you do

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Growing Up Skipper Doll

Growing Up Skipper Doll

Barbie was my doll of choice when I was a little girl, blithely giving me a false impression of how my body would develop and a lifetime of insecurity. I’ve just discovered I got off lightly though, as were I ten years older I’d of had to contend with Growing Up Skipper. Skipper is commonly (well, in little girl circles) known as Barbie’s younger sister, and if you’re lucky you can have great fun making Barbie babysit her and generally act preachy and grown-uppy.

In 1975 Growing Up Skipper was released, a doll that would change the innocent face of Mattel forever, and give a whole new meaning to those awkward ‘I must, I must, I must increase my bust’ exercises.  This is because when Skipper’s arm was rotated her torso would lengthen and breasts would appear on on her chest. Seriously.

The idea was that this was the doll that would ‘mature with you’, and the marketing referred to her as being ‘Two Dolls in One, Twice as Much Fun!’.

Read on for more pictures… Read more…

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