How to be a Page 3 Model in one easy board game

Posted by admin on Oct 12, 2009 in Celebrity, opinion

page3Perhaps I’m naive, and expect slightly more from the youth of today. I can forgive them their gum chewing, cider swilling antics and even shrug nonchalantly as they fill our parks with spittle and cigarette butts, but I’ve just discovered a board game that makes me deplore their long term life choices (and yes, I’m fully aware of how condescending this sounds, having once been a gum-chewing teen myself).

When I was younger it was considered rather scandalous to play Dream Phone – an interactive board game about discovering your secret admirer, with sweet Americanized nothings whispered down a touch-tone pink phone. How we’d giggle as we passed the phone around, feeling slightly outrageous and grown up, never thinking that the next-gen of board games would take things to a whole new level.

Last year’s best-selling perfume wasn’t one of the many high end scents that pushed the boundaries with new ingredients and interesting topnotes, instead it was Stunning, by Katie Price. The bottles design looks like it had been stolen from a kids  Barbie’s Dream house, and the smell was pure saccharine, think strawberries and sugar-coated candy with a high level of E-numbers. Considering this, the creation of the ‘Page 3 Idol’ game shouldn’t shock me,  but it still does. Read more…

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The post that’s not about Michael Jackson

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michael-jackson-tattooYes, he’s dead. Yes, it’s very, very tragic. Yes, he did make a major difference to the music scene and make people rethink what they viewed pop music as (and showed us all that money doesn’t always buy a good plastic surgeon).

But c’mon guys, let’s get some perspective on this. I’d like the radio/MTV to be playing something other than his top 50 greatest hits and I really don’t care that much what B-list celebs think about his death (‘tragic’ and ‘will be missed’ are seriously overused terms). Death comes to us all, and sure it’s a shock when a public figure pops his cork, (especially if you’ve shelled out for expensive tickets) but why this mass hysteria? Read more…

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The Celebrity perfume merry-go-round prepares for Summer. How much more can the market take?

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The amount of fragrance releases that pop into my inbox lead one to think Britain is enjoying a multitude of good weather and a sunny economic climate rather than the most depressing recessions we’ve had since the 50’s (though the current heat wave can’t be denied). Despite the rise of redundancies and doom and gloom the perfume gravy train rolls on, and a trend I’ve noticed is that there are more and more celebrity based scents launching, whilst the big perfumeries are keeping themselves content with one or two launches. So, the big houses are opting for quality rather than quantity (think ‘a scent by Issey Miyake’ and the new Dior fragrance) whilst cheap and cheerful rules the roost in the likes of Superdrug and Boots.

It may come a s a surprise to learn that the bestselling scent of 2008 was not one of the multitudes of  scents that were created with a complex artistry of base notes blended with precision worthy to be dissected by Dexter’s scalpel ( my current  fave show), but rather the unimpressive artificial candy coated scent that was Stunning by Katie Price (a.k.a Jordan). Yes, I was surprised too- but if that’s the market that has the spare cash (think saved up pocket money/guilt ridden gifts from divorced dads and mini-WAGS) then it’s no surprise that scents like these are being churned out. Read more…


OMG! Miss California has a pageant funded boob job

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mscalifornbia-boobsSince when did being a blue state equate to Double D’s?

There’s no denying the lady on the left is an extremely pretty girl. The skin looks flawless, the eyes are sparkling, oh, and the boobs look every so perky and inviting…

Um. Yeah. The FAKE boobs. I don’t have anything against using surgery to aid and enhance you natural assets but the case of Carrie Prejean is verry disturbing. Take a girl pretty enough to get into the Miss California pageant, add a dash of St Tropez and a low level eating disorder, and you have your standard ‘I want world peace’ stylee contestant’.

So what happened? I guess Carrie was feeling a little insecure about the skimpy attire she had to wear, and went to the pageants helpful aides to see if they could give her some support. I’m hoping she was requesting chicken fillets not silicon surgery, but hey, these things are easy to get confused. Read more…


Ten Embarrassing childhood crushes that used to adorn my bedroom walls

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We all have some embarrassing skeletons from our childhood, and the ones that used to be plastered all over our walls are a good reminder of how far we’ve come. Here are the childhood crushes that make me blush- feel free to share yours!


Number 1: Zack Morris a.k.a Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Zack Morris was my reason to get up early every Sunday morning. His goofy smile, gorgeous blonde locks and cute quiff made Saved by the Bell a riveting watch, and I grew up wishing I could be Kelly so I could take him in my arms. I could forgive him anything, even his rather stupid name, and the fact that his acting skills never quite matched up to the perfection of his face. At 35 he’s now kinda off the radar, but I’ll always have a soft spot for him.. and that great theme tune! Read more…


Guilty pleasures: Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend TV show

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paris_best_friendThere’ s something about trailer trash TV that makes it incredibly appealing . No matter how much you argue abut the social consciousness portrayed in shows like Big Brother caters to the lowest common denominator, essentially your highly laudable  existential debates just relate to pandering your own ego and placing your voyeurism in a socially acceptable context. Forget your high ideals and pretend aspirations on social commentary, essentially you’re just getting cheap thrills  at celebrities revealing lumps and bumps,  vacuous backstabbing and hair extension chaos. I’m sure at some point you’ve expressed that you only watch shows of this nature  to understand the celebrity culture that we live in, but do you really believe that?

Of course not! You get home at the end of the day and want to switch off and there’s nothing better than some mind numbing vacuous show that lets you feel morally superior whilst wondering how on earth a programme like this got commissioned.  Paris Hilton’s BBF is the worst kind of TV as it’s not particularly entertaining, will have no real winner, and any kind of unity within the group is ruined by the fact that every week they have to say why each other should leave. Read more…

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