Four Hot Accessory Trends for 2013

Posted by admin on Jan 28, 2013 in style

What styles are going to be hot in 2013?  If the catwalk is giving us any clues, then there are some accessories that are going to be big this year- and many of last seasons trends are being recycled, so there’s no need to throw out those leopard print jeggings.. well, unless you want too.

Here are a few trends for 2013 I’ve handpicked from the catwalk- all styles are wearable and can be adapted with high street options, as demonstrated.

Statement Necklaces

Every year it seems the neck jewels the models wear get bigger and bigger, and this season is no exception. Multiple materials, from pearls to leather and acrylics were used to show big shiny baubles on long ostrich like necks- and they’re pretty cool for jazzing up an outfit on a day when you feel like turning some heads.

Ring a Ding Extra

Rings are all about the bling this year, but rather than be ostentatious with too many stones, you can opt for a chic twisted variety that gives shine to the hand without looking overdone. I like how Balenciaga balances thick cuffs with smaller circlets and this is a simple but effective way to update anything. Plus, I’m a total ring addict, so this is right up my street. Read more…



Kitten Tail fashion: Mood sharing cat tails are big in Japan

Posted by admin on Dec 3, 2012 in Animal Oddities, geekery, random, style

Japan has been the originator  of many odd gadgets over the years;  think Hello Kitty shaped vibrators, talking toilet seats and robotic dolls that count calories for you.  I just found out about a new product that’s hitting the market there, and it’s in the same kooky vein that will make you roll your eyes and then go, ‘Well, maybe..’

Introducing the Shippo, the gelocated fluffy kitten tail designed to be worn in public to display your emotions (by waggling) and display your location (for the parents who aren’t happy you’re wagging your tail in public). If this sounds confusing, let me break it down for you.

The Shippo is a pin on tail that you attach to your behind, and syncs with a neural sensor that you place on your forehead. The neural sensor syncs with the tail and supposedly ‘activates’ it based on your emotions. The idea is that if you’re feeling happy/joyous/ embarrassed to be wearing a fluffy kitten tail in public that the tail will move in time with your neural brain waves. The tail has three settings, and  will wag slowly if you are relaxed and speed up as you get excited/frustrated/drunk.

There’s more to the Shippo tail than simply serving to create a scene wherever you go- the sensor that you wear also connects to the Shippo smartphone app, which will tag your location AND your mood to the places you visit.

I think it’s kind of interesting to see what places make the wearer feel happier and where you’re more likely to be stressed or flustered, and it’s a different way to map location;- emotional mapping, rather than physical images, so a story of your feelings in map form. OK, that’s getting a little existential, but you get the idea. Read more…

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Would you buy clothes that smell like you?

Posted by admin on Jul 30, 2012 in geekery, style

Retail is a brutal game, with many stores reporting losses year on year due to harsh economic climates and a modern day penchant for upcycling. Stores need to get more competitive in order to make you choose their merchandise, and design company NMinusOne has come up with a novel way to entice consumers to buy clothes.

They’ve taken the notion that clothes are a way of displaying identity and created a mannequin that will give potential new fashion purchases your personal scent. I don’t know if I ever feel that I need my clothing to smell like me (normally a few spritzes of Jo Malone are good enough) but I think the logic is that everyone subtly imbues clothing with small secretions, so having a connection with clothes you are yet to buy might be an encouraging step. Read more…

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The High-Tech High Street of Today: The future of shopping is here

Posted by admin on Jun 21, 2012 in style, technology

Virtual shopping where you can try on clothes remotely? Check. Groceries ordered through adverts on the subway? Check.  A scanner that maps 300,000 points on the body so you get a perfect pair of jeans? Check. An online clothes scanning system that lets you have Cher’s Clueless fashion computer? Check.The majority of things we dreamed about- and those that never even occurred to us- have now made their way to the high street of today, and they’re easy to use and incredibly helpful to everyday life. I’d like to take a look at a few of the technologies that are revolutionizing shopping in the 21st century, and sharing how accessible they are to everyday people.

A lot of new shopping technology is about what people are doing BEHIND THE SCENES, and it’s good to be aware of how your high tech high street experience is created.

Tesco  Shopping via QR Codes on the Subway

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil and something we have less and less physical time for- which is why online groceries are now so popular. I do find that I miss physically browsing the items though, and Tesco has an innovative way for you to do this. In 2010 they teamed up with a design agency to offer grocery shopping on the subways in Korea. Sorry, VIRTUAL grocery shopping. Customers would choose items displayed along the walls,  scan the related QR codes and this would link to Tesco Online and bag up the products- to be delivered the same day! Remember, Korea has amazing reception/WiFi signal on the subway, so this was easy for people to fit into their lives and a nice way for users to really connect with their grocery store. Read more…

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Color Forecast web tool provides real time color trends abroad

Posted by admin on Jun 12, 2012 in geekery, style

Making sure I’m super ‘on trend’ on holiday isn’t really that important to me. Yes, I like to make sure that my clothes are clean, and ideally that they possess enough style to make people whisper ‘who’s that girl’ ( though in all likelihood it’ will be ‘did she realize that her skirt is tucked in her..‘) but trying to identify local trends before I go is generally a non issue to me.

Whilst I might not be that bothered I have a fair amount of fashionista friends who would die if they thought they were wearing the wrong outfits.. or the wrong shades. Dontcha know that Pantone orange was so last year? (not kidding; it actually was. Though they called it Honeysuckle, and this year it’s Tangerine.)

Color Forecast is a way for the trend hungry to stay up to date, and it’s actually pretty clever. High speed cameras are placed in three European hotspots, and they feed data 24/7 to the ‘ColorTrack’ System‘ which identifies shades that are most common for the particular areas. This can then be broken down into images of the actual colours being worn or featured around the target city, and it’s pretty cool seeing the variety of colors that are populating the globe.

I love the real time trending aspect of it and it’s pretty sweet to pick the city and then spot flashes of blue in the wild- the camera picks up the smallest details, so it’s not just fashion, you also get blue bicycles, flower displays etc, and it builds a bigger picture of the city and the overall style of its inhabitants. Read more…



Same Height Party Shoes puts you all on the same level

Posted by admin on Jun 7, 2012 in random, style

When talking to people it’s suggested you approach them at their level, which means shorter women teeter on heels and men crouch down awkwardly for a heartfelt one to one. Eye contact is constantly recommended as a way to assert yourself and bond with people, and artist Hans Hemmert seems to have taken this option and run with it.. into the realms of surreal territory! Welcome to Same Height Parties where guests pick footwear based on their height, and everyone stands at an even 2 metres.

This is a quirky way of addressing the notion of how first impressions are made, as any height related impressions are now read from the floor, rather than their head. Apart from the fact that venue spaces are going to need high ceilings and tables require stilts (so drinks can be reached), this idea has a lot of promise, and minimal props are needed to effect it. Read more…

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Light Fantastic Couture: Dresses made of lightbeams

Posted by admin on May 31, 2012 in geekery, style

Many things in life impress me but some are  jaw droppingly beautiful that all I can do is stare at them in a daze, mouth open in admiration whilst I struggle for something vaguely intelligible and profound to say. These images of light created dresses by Atton Conrad provoke this response in me, as it’s just so hard to wrap my head around the fact that these models are naked and their couture gowns are an illusion created by light triggered around the models using a slow release camera. Read more…


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