Real Life Barbie DreamHouse Experience with RFID wristbands

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barbie kitchen

pink barbie home

Say what you will about Barbie, but that girl knows how to market herself. Sure, I could bash the notion of a pink themed house filled with physically disproportionate plastic dolls wearing skimpy size -Zero clothing, but you guys are smart, and I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. Instead, I’m looking at the giant pink behemoth that is the Dream House (a European version in Berlin and another one in Florida) and getting a big case of pink-eye. Modelled on Barbie’s Malibu Dream House (would have been interested to see the architects blueprints) the Berlin DreamHouse opened May 16th, 2013 and features 2,500 metres squared of pink frothy stuff you can touch, taste and obviously. buy. Well, Mattel isn’t a charity right? The Florida DreamHouse (opened May 8th, 2013) is pretty similar to its European cousin. Both offer ‘life size’ rooms (well, it’s a house) decorated with  everything a Toys-R-Us child is familiar with, on an adult scale.

What I think is pretty cool about this is the RFID pink wristband all visitors receive on check in. The DreamHouse offers interactive experiences at the ‘Dream Stations’, allowing a semi-custom adventure. By this I mean that you input details such as name, gender  and language and then the bracelet will interact with you AND the LED touch screens around the house.

barbie lounge Read more…

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Hair Wars Detroit celebrates extreme hair styling

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car head


Hair Wars, the show where mainstream taste comes to die, and hair artistes let their freak flag fly. Hair Wars is an extremely  unique event that celebrates hair creations. It’s held annually in Detroit, and attracts the elite of the world’s extreme hair stylists. It’s not a competition, it’s a platform for hairdressers to show their flair and funside. Each year has a different theme, and they have ranged from Car Show to Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Hair Wars show has deep roots in Detroit history, founded in 1985 as a gimmick to entertained the nightclub crowds. DJ David Humphries (colloquially called  Hump the Grinder) wanted a playful element to his night spinning dics, and the hairstylists of the town loved the chance to parade their skillset to an enthusiastic crowd. Beauty school started adopting this idea to encourage students and Hair Entertainment moved into an industry of its own.


Big names in this world are classified as ‘hair entertainers’ and the designs they have serve a secondary artstsic purpose  Over the years, the small Detroit show has expanded, and it now offers hair technique classes and sponsorships deals.  Read more…

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Rabbit Festival Fashion Show in Japan

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Can somebunny share the love for Rabbit Fashion Week?

In recent years I’ve noticed a trend towards pet owners taking various animals and dressing them up in costumes. I just discovered the Japanese Rabbit Festival, an annual event where bunnies are dressed up in all types of couture and make their adorable flip floppy way down a rabbit runway, as part of a two day rabbit fiesta.

As far as I can ascertain (Google translate Japanese is a little hairy) each  Rabbit Festival follows a particular theme, and the bunnies are adorned to match. The festival is about more than just the rabbit fashion show, as there are hug a bunny workshops, video diaries of bunny activity and rabbit accessories to buy. People who visit can come WITH their own rabbit, and it sounds like a strange but sweet meetup.

schoolgirl rabbit

I’m not 100% sure but I also think there’s a bunny cosplay event going on as well; – though whether that’s for the owners of the pet or the animals I’m uncertain. Read more…

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The restaurant that gets rebuilt at every tide

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I love a little bit of quirkiness when it comes to dining out, and restaurants that fuse technology with fine dining are a particular favorite. However, this Koh Samui restaurant seriously makes my mind boggle with its particular premise. You can’t get more exclusive than a restaurant that is created from scratch daily for your personal use, and that’s just what the Thailand Napasai Resort does, combing and shaping the fine white sand into an alcove ready for your culinary pleasures. Each night the tide sweeps away this nook, and every morning it is built anew.

The alcove takes around four hours to create, which must make the staff feel *very* fulfilled, but hopefully this effort is reflected in the tip- with meals starting at around £115 / $140 for dinner. Dinner options include fresh sea food on the beach, and everyone gets a private butler to their sand crafted cubbyhole Sounds of waves crashing and seagulls are a bonus, ideally with late night revellers far in the distance…

I think it looks beautiful and would provide a very serene meal, but it makes me wince to think of the effort it takes the sand sculptors to keep rebuilding everyday- talk about monotony!.

I feel that I’ll have to try it to reserve judgement though.. one day!

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Outdoor London Summer 2012 : Five cool activities to do

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I realize that when the word summer and 2012 get placed in a sentence the images of athletes and torchbearers automatically come to mind,  and though this will no doubt be a ‘once in a lifetime opprotunity’ (to quote) there’s also a lot of OTHER super cool stuff going on in London this year. Naturally, I’m drawn to the unusual and the surreal that London Town offers up, and this summer there’s a full array of cool activities to help you get your London love affair on.

I think it’s important to keep rediscovering the place you live in, as you’ll constantly be surprised by what you find by turning down a new street or checking out the backroom of a bar. Some of my coolest London experiences have been accidental- a night at Shunt turned into a marathon weekend, secret supper clubs popping up in London landmarks- and by making sure I never (or rarely) say not to an invitation out means I get to see many sides of London.

Up at the 02: A trip OVER the Millennium Dome

The 02 (formerly known as the Millennium Dome) is a iconic London monument, and now you get to enjoy a rather different view of this structure. Forget about the weightlifting trials that will be happening inside- how about going over the dome? Up at the 02 offers a cool way to see London Town, and an extra shot of adrenalin for people who aren’t too afraid of heights. An amazing looking walkway has been erected over the roof- 53 metres over ground level.

Your experience starts at ‘Base Camp’ where you get briefed and outfitted in a jumpsuit, and then get harnessed and lead up the structure. You’ll get to see a 360 view of the city- and feel like king of the world (possibly). This takes place from 10am-10pm, so if you time it right you could catch the sun setting on the capital which I imagine would look pretty epic. Read more…



Seven Strange Ways Technology is integrated in South Korea

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Considering so many electronic companies (Samsung and LG I’m talking about you) are based out of South Korea I was expecting that Seoul (the capital city) would be some kind of sci-fi like cityscape, with towering buildings, holograms and jetpacks available for all (OK, maybe not the jetpacks). Instead I found a city- a country, really- full of eccentricities and contradictions with higgledy piggledy street vendors lying side by side flashing billboards and skyscrapers; and ancient pagodas resting in their shadow!

South Korea does seem technologically advanced when compared to London and the USA, but the technological advances are subtle rather than in your face teleporting chutes and holographic manifestations (Yes, a little Futurama inspired here).

I’m going to share some of the ways South Korea impressed me techwise- and how it was more about a combination of all the little things than anything big that made it stand out as advanced.

Fingerprint scanning lockers at all stations

When you arrive in a big city the last thing you want to do is lug your luggage around- especially if you’re only staying for a night. South Korea offered banks of lockers at all the train stations I visited (from the capital Seoul to the cities of Daegu and Busan) where you could store your luggage for 24 hours for the approximate price of 80p. What took these lockers up a tech step was the fact that once you’d inserted your money you didn’t get a key or a code for the locker- you had to place your FINGER on their scanning device and it then ‘locked’ the locker. Read more…

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Cuba in two weeks: A whirlwind tour from Cayo Coco to Havana

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Cuba is an island full of anachronisms. It exists in the 21st century, yet much of it is stuck in the 1950’s, as the last time they were allowed free trade with the USA was 1960. Castro may rule, but it’s Che Guevara images that adorn most walls, and the citizens are a complex blend of poverty and pride, supported by the state’s free education and healthcare system, but deprived in other areas.

The weather is warm, the sea full of fish for a constant food supply and though an anti American air pervades the country, pride is taken in owning USA goods- microwaves and Juicy Couture clothes are luxury items. How do you manage to take in the full breadth of the country in a mere two weeks? It’s a difficult task, especially as I wasn’t prepared to compromise my need for culture with that of comfort- I wanted to soak up the atmosphere, not quickly tick off historical monuments whilst rushing from A-B.

To make the most of everything that Cuba has to offer- from the inspiring tributes to Che Guevara and the most famous beaches in the world, I started my trip at a beach resort on the island of Cayo Coco.

Cayo Coco – the paradise resort

Beloved of honeymooners worldwide, Cayo Coco offers fifteen miles of beautiful beaches. Set slightly away from the mainland, you access Cuba mainland by driving along a man made causeway that extends into the sea and connects Cayo Coco to the rest of the country. Locals aren’t allowed to visit Cayo Coco unless they are working at one of the resorts dotted around the island, so it’s a strangely insular experience- you’re served by Cubans, talk to Cuban entertainers, yet separated from them by class. Working on Cayo Coco is deemed a privilege as salaries tend to be higher than other places in the country and it’s not uncommon to find that your maid has a better degree than you do.

What to do on Cayo Coco

The biggest reason for heading to Cayo Coco are the beaches so make the most of them. Every resort had an individual beach and you’re a short drive away from Pilar Beach- rated No 1 in the world by numerous magazines, and apparently the place Ernest Hemingway chose to stay when he visited.

The beaches are covered in fine golden sand and rather narrow, with the water a crystalline azure blue. This was my first experience of Caribbean waters and I marvelled at how warm the water felt- day or night, it was like immersing yourself in bathwater, and I was  buffeted by warm  light waves and felt weightless and cosseted. The coastline of Cayo Coco is adjacent to some great coral reefs and the water is very clear, so even when you’re very shallow you can see smalls schools of fish around your ankles. All resorts offer (free) snorkeling rental and there’s a lot of Finding Nemo action you can see hidden behind the swell of the waves. Read more…

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