Hair Wars Detroit celebrates extreme hair styling

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Hair Wars, the show where mainstream taste comes to die, and hair artistes let their freak flag fly. Hair Wars is an extremely  unique event that celebrates hair creations. It’s held annually in Detroit, and attracts the elite of the world’s extreme hair stylists. It’s not a competition, it’s a platform for hairdressers to show their flair and funside. Each year has a different theme, and they have ranged from Car Show to Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Hair Wars show has deep roots in Detroit history, founded in 1985 as a gimmick to entertained the nightclub crowds. DJ David Humphries (colloquially called  Hump the Grinder) wanted a playful element to his night spinning dics, and the hairstylists of the town loved the chance to parade their skillset to an enthusiastic crowd. Beauty school started adopting this idea to encourage students and Hair Entertainment moved into an industry of its own.


Big names in this world are classified as ‘hair entertainers’ and the designs they have serve a secondary artstsic purpose  Over the years, the small Detroit show has expanded, and it now offers hair technique classes and sponsorships deals.  Read more…

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Rabbit Festival Fashion Show in Japan

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Can somebunny share the love for Rabbit Fashion Week?

In recent years I’ve noticed a trend towards pet owners taking various animals and dressing them up in costumes. I just discovered the Japanese Rabbit Festival, an annual event where bunnies are dressed up in all types of couture and make their adorable flip floppy way down a rabbit runway, as part of a two day rabbit fiesta.

As far as I can ascertain (Google translate Japanese is a little hairy) each  Rabbit Festival follows a particular theme, and the bunnies are adorned to match. The festival is about more than just the rabbit fashion show, as there are hug a bunny workshops, video diaries of bunny activity and rabbit accessories to buy. People who visit can come WITH their own rabbit, and it sounds like a strange but sweet meetup.

schoolgirl rabbit

I’m not 100% sure but I also think there’s a bunny cosplay event going on as well; – though whether that’s for the owners of the pet or the animals I’m uncertain. Read more…

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Rock Paper Scissors UK Championships: A newbie’s review

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Rock Paper Scissors is  a game many people are familiar with. It’s used to solve arguments, make decisions and while away time whilst waiting for the bus. The more talented lucky may argue that there’s a stratgey to performing well at this game, and the lack of any props other than ones own body makes it universally acceptable. This humble game has moved beyond mere decision making and is now celebrated worldwide, with heats held in different countries, where only those with a fist of steel can win the coveted title of Rock Paper Scissors Champion.  The UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship took place last week on the 22nd October 2011 and over 200 people gathered to try and gain a UK ranking in this sport. I decided to try my hand at gaining the trophy and this is my tale…


Athletes warm up before games, so I embarked on some serious finger exercises. I practised moving my fingers to my thumb very quickly and used some stress balls to really help release the tension in my hand. I also practised a deadpan stare in the mirror- flat eyes, no smile- you’ll never know what’s coming next…


To ensure I had the utmost advantage in my Rock Paper Scissors UK Championship event, I researched the sport thoroughly. I discovered that those in the know call it RPS or Roshambo (slightly less of a mouthful) and that it dates back to the Chinese Dynasty in 206 BCE (well, according to Wiki anyways) and that it has been used in court to settle a case (seriously). In terms of strategy there seemed to be dissenting points however- no one could tell me exactly what combo of rock paper scissors would always win. I learnt that three stones in a row is called an ‘Avalanche’ and this is commonly favoured by men, so I might have an advantage doing this version as a lady. It’s also reported that men traditionally open with stone, whilst women prefer paper- interesting. There’s also the notion of gambits- such as PPSPP which can be used to throw someone off guard. A traditional tournament game consists of two people over a table with a Referee in the middle. They call 1,2,3 and on 3 you open your palm. If you both have the same you repeat- and on and on till there’s a best of three win. Read more…


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