Food Design exhibition encourages you to play with your food

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Growing up I was always told not to play with my food, a lesson that clearly wasn’t drummed home to the artists involved in the International Food Design Society exhibition. They created an exhibit which used food as the basis of exciting and innovative artworks, everything from edible coffee cups to a skintight bird feeding suit to let you get all Mary Poppins with pigeons.

I like the thinking behind the event, as food shouldn’t be something static which is consumed- let’s evolve the edible! Why not have chocolate jewellery for diabetics or sugar stirrers (oh wait, we have those).

This exhibition was show in London last month, and saw a collective of artists worldwide get together and display their best pieces. I’m in love with the ‘cheese sharpener’ (see bottom image) which easily allows you to add artistic cheese garnishes to your food with minimum effort. Other cool ideas were shown- isn’t the chocolate calorie counter cool? Pull off a piece of choccie and the calories are (scarily) inscribed upon the slice- it’s a whole new way to think about portion control.


The Human Bird Feeder Outfit

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Seventeen Salt and pepper shakers with a twist

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I don’t cook, but I do use condiments, and as a lovey ex-colleague of mine can attest, ‘Everything tastes better with a little pepper’. Here are some interesting/decorative/crazy ways in which to contain these humble spices. And why did I choose to write about these? Let’s just say I was having a strange day. Read more…

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Five kitchen gadgets to bring out your inner Martha Stewart

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Now I don’t really cook much. My time in the kitchen is generally spent microwaving/washing or kettling (not sure that’s a verb) various hot drinks. Despite my goal of learning just ONE new dish this year I’ve yet to prepare anything other than chilli and stir-fry, and as much I’d like to convince myself instant couscous counts as a dish, I know I’d be laughed out of home ed if I tried to pull that.

But forget about my woeful endeavours on the culinary front, and be prepared to be wowed by these kitchen aids- which are all cool enough to stop me buying ready sliced apples.

1. Bagel Guillotine  $19.95 from the As Seen On TV Guys


Now this takes me back, all the way to 2004 and the lovely UCLA dining halls (also known as paradise incarnate). One of these would always be on hand along with a selection of bagels (granary, wholemeal, you name it) and  a choice of spreads. One simply had to slice it firmly, a’la Henry V and then the auto-toaster would do all the hard work whilst you deliberated over marmite or peanut butter- or both. Read more…

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Scratch and sniff wallpaper recreates my Willy Wonka dreams

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scrath-wallpaper When I was younger Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of my favourite films. I wanted to inhale fizzy drinks to make me fly (minus the killer fans),consume sweets that were a three course dinner, and of course, lick wallpaper that tasted yummy. Well one out of three ain’t bad, so say hello to Flavor Paper.

This rather vibrant looking stuff comes in a multitude of flavours, from fruit medley to bananas, and tutti frutti. Their website doesn’t give prices, but seems to imply that they’ll make ANYTHING flavourfull, so you can have scented flock designs if garish cherry panels aren’t your thing.

Simply scratch and sniff the panels, and voila, a burst of fruity freshness will assualt your olfactory senses!

[ via Elit Alice]

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