My New Year’s Resolutions: The 2011 version

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Another year has come to pass, and as usual I’m settled in front of the computer screen with a hangover and some unhealthy feelings of guilt. There was so much I planned to do in 2010, and so much that I didn’t do. The guilt is vaguely balanced by the fact that I did have a pretty awesome year, and some pretty crazy life events were going on at the same time. In no particular order; I got to enjoy Miami Spring Break stylee, enjoyed the perks of being a successful freelancer (long lie ins, but holidays were stressful), made the move back from being a freelancer (a little lonely) to trying my hand at being a New Media Producer for the Olympics, with a 23rd floor office and an airport style scanner for my handbag (corporation central); went on my first cruise, moved in with my boyfriend (great, but he squeezes the toothpaste strangely), started a business (more on that later), dealt with the break up of two close friends (very hard, but we’re all being adult), got a beautiful pink moped (and fulfilled one of last years resolutions), learnt some awesome hula hoop tricks and dealt with That Which Will Not be Named (no, really, not yet) with a reasonably stiff upper lip. I went to Reyjavik for New Year, had my first Home Alone style Christmas, and made a nail art stop motion movie ( I was bored). I also read a silly number of books, and discovered a bunch of new TV shows (most of them bad, though I do like Lost Girl).

All in all, I feel I’ve done a heck of a lot, especially as That Which Will Not be Named took up so much time and energy. I feel a little bit proud of myself actually- despite the fact that I didn’t manage to complete more than 5 out of last years 12 resolutions. Still, another year, another vaguely achievable list. This time I’m focusing on both tangible goals and more esoteric achievements, think spiritual growth as well as a deepened skillset.

The Tick List of Resolutions:

1. Get the Top Secret (ish) business off the ground and make it a huge success (I was going to insert something jokey and ironic here, but I actually mean this, so I’m not going to).

2. Get my full motorbike licence. 50cc is just not enough horsepower for me. Then I can get something like this… (spotted on Camden High Street).


3. See a ballet. Really, it’s about time this happened, it has been on my list for three years. I might not even like it, I just want to go and try it! Read more…

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