Technology city sculptures from Franco Recchia

Posted by admin on Dec 19, 2010 in Design and Home, geekery, technology


I love art but lack any modicum of talent in this field. You want proof? My high school art teacher almost cried at my depiction of still life oranges, and her sighs of despair still haunt me to this day. I tend to credit anyone who knows their way around a paintbrush with a huge amount of awe, and I hold these sculptures by artist Franco Recchia in high esteem. I first discovered his work on ChipChick, and am so impressed with what he has created. Franco has taken old computer parts- everything from the hard rive to the cardboard packaging- and turned it into futuristic style cityscapes. His work includes the Manhattan landscape, Pittsburg and Boston, and I’m hoping he’ll turn his attention to Britain next.

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