Bridalplasty: Win the body of your dreams for your dream wedding- a new reality TV low

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The premise of Bridalplasty is in the name, and I can’t decide whether I’m appalled or amazed by this blatant over marketing of such a preposterous but authentically real concept. Seriously, you have to give some kudos to the creators of this show, if only for the sheer balls it must have taken to successfully pitch and then bring this idea to fruition, as I imagine that the concept was littered with red tape from the start.

Take everything you know about reality TV, and highlight the worst possible aspects of it. Forget the life affirming journeys and the people who learn to love each other and head 180 degrees in the other direction. Look at people who are so desperate for attention they’ll do anything to be on TV, add in some serious backstabbing, a therapist surgery’s worth of mental health problems and a bunch of eating disorders for some extra zest. Add a dash of the gruesome (achieved with doctors in masks and some surgery action) and you have the bare bones a Bridalplasty- where the aim of the show is to change the bride to be into someone her future husband won’t recognize.

Who cares if he loves you, if you don’t love yourself? Let Bridalplasty change you into somebody you can love– but only if you’ll bare your soul on national TV, sharing your deep secrets, sexual proclivities and backstab any girls you befriend. OK with that? Great, you’re the perfect candidate …

I’ll start by describing the bare bones of the show to you, so your mind can circle the various points of disbelief.

-12 women, all engaged to be married in one house.

-Each week, the women battle it out Top Model style to be the ‘Top bride’.

-Each bride to be gets something each week (a ring/cake/dress) that goes in her ‘bridal closet’ to be claimed if she wins the show.

-The Top bride gets to have the surgery of her choice and go to the ‘recovery room’ (pause where all other brides to be look sad and wistful).

-The three bottom brides spend the next 20 minutes (it’s a 1 hour show) convincing the other brides to be why they should stay in the show. (Formula changes a little as the contestant numbers decrease).

-Showdown at the RSVP ceremony where girls sit at the Bottom Brides tables. The other brides to be make a speech ‘This is sooo hard, etc’, and go sit at a table. The one with least votes goes home to the refrain of “Your wedding will still go ahead. It just won’t be perfect.” Oh no you didn’t!

The show is designed to make all the contestant objects of ridicule, as even when you feel the merest smidgeon of sympathy for them (one is an army bride and sobs about her fiancé being in danger) they then follow that up with talking about how perfect having their nose/boobs/stomach changed would completely improve and alter their life. Some girls are twiglets and talk longingly about liposuction whilst others basically seem to want to tear their skin off and stand inside someone else’s. Read more…

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