Guilty pleasures: Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend TV show

Posted by admin on Feb 22, 2009 in Celebrity, news, Television

paris_best_friendThere’ s something about trailer trash TV that makes it incredibly appealing . No matter how much you argue abut the social consciousness portrayed in shows like Big Brother caters to the lowest common denominator, essentially your highly laudable  existential debates just relate to pandering your own ego and placing your voyeurism in a socially acceptable context. Forget your high ideals and pretend aspirations on social commentary, essentially you’re just getting cheap thrills  at celebrities revealing lumps and bumps,  vacuous backstabbing and hair extension chaos. I’m sure at some point you’ve expressed that you only watch shows of this nature  to understand the celebrity culture that we live in, but do you really believe that?

Of course not! You get home at the end of the day and want to switch off and there’s nothing better than some mind numbing vacuous show that lets you feel morally superior whilst wondering how on earth a programme like this got commissioned.  Paris Hilton’s BBF is the worst kind of TV as it’s not particularly entertaining, will have no real winner, and any kind of unity within the group is ruined by the fact that every week they have to say why each other should leave. Read more…

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