Tekken Tag Tournament to create an Instagram Art Gallery

Posted by admin on Aug 27, 2012 in geekery

Regular readers of AlmostZara will know that I fall into the casual gamer category– I love the XBox and Playstation, but I’m really more of a button basher/ casual user than hardcore MMORPG fan. I have dabbled with RPG games, and that’s precisely why I don’t play them anymore- when I lost a summer in the 90’s due to an obsession with Baldur’s gate I realized I simply can’t devote that much energy to game and still have a life. Kudos to those that can, it’s just not something that works for me.

Tekken will always be my one true love as far as console games go, it was the first game I ever became  truly obsessed with; and involved hours spent learning combo moves and character special holds. I just learnt that Tekken has launched a worldwide competition for people to create and share their best Tekken moments via Instagram, and though I don’t normally share this kind of content (a little too much like an advert), I’m too much of a fangirl to let this slip by without a mention. The best shots are going to be displayed in a London Gallery, which I find incredibly exciting, and I wish I was in the UK now so I could see this in person.

Images are being collated through Instagram using the hashtag  #WEARETEKKEN  and #TT2 (Tekkan Tag 2) and there have been some pretty cool entries so far. I like to think that people who are uploading are not necessarily trying to win; that it’s more about having an avenue to share their love of the game and get creative with Instagram filters (like they need an excuse!). Read more…

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