Shopping trolleys and blow up dolls: Kobi Levy’s strange shoes series

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Beautiful shoes have always appealed to me, as I love the way that a sculpted pair of heels can change and alter the whole length of the body. I consider footwear an artwork in its own right, and my ever growing shoe collection will testify with my fascination to all types of footwear. I though I’d seen everything after I looked at the stiletto shaped baths, and the shoes with removable heels, but I was happily wrong.

These interesting artworks have been created by Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levy, and show off his fascination with the shoe, and the way he has reinterpreted it through household objects. I love his tartan shopping trolley shoe, and adore how the miniature wheels perfectly complement the effect. Kobi says, ”I see these shoes as wearable sculptures. It is important to me that they will be real shoes and not sculptures or toys”. Each shoe can actually be worn (though you might be worried about ruining it) and some, such as the Chewing Gum shoe, are literally a work of art in motion. “With ‘chewing gum’ I wanted to capture a frozen moment in everyday life – so a high heel shoe was born by creating a sneaker that looked like it had stepped on chewing gum”.

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