The Eyes the Limit: Six strange ways to decorate your eyes

Posted by admin on Aug 29, 2011 in beauty

There has been a lot of press lately about Laser Eye Jewelry (also known as La SER jewelry), created by the Shekhar Institute in Mumbai. They’re offering a rather strange way of giving the eyes some extra bling- diamond studded contact lenses for that extra sparkle. Though this is definitely one way to change the look of your eyes, other similar fads have emerged in recent years, and I thought this would be a good space to showcase them for you. There’ been a lot of creativity in the sphere of eye decoration, some scary, some involving surgery, and some that can actually correct your eyesight whilst you sleep.  Here’s my pick of six ultra strange eye inventions that will really let you make the most of those peepers.


LED false eyelashes from Soomi Park

Soomi Park is a talented designer with a playful side, and I love her LED Eyelashes which she created as part of a university project. She looked at the Asian desire for bigger ‘Western eyes’, and came up with LED Eyelashes, which make the eyes  unavoidably focal, drawing attention with every flutter. The LED lashes feature a tilt sensor with mercury to turn them on and off. The sensor perceives the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelid, and will flicker the lashes according to the movements of your body. Application is called ‘as simple as wearing false lashes’ (lots of faffing around with glue then) but the finished product is very striking. It might not be for everyday wear, but I could see club kids loving this.

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