The post that’s not about Michael Jackson

Posted by admin on Jun 28, 2009 in Celebrity, news, opinion

michael-jackson-tattooYes, he’s dead. Yes, it’s very, very tragic. Yes, he did make a major difference to the music scene and make people rethink what they viewed pop music as (and showed us all that money doesn’t always buy a good plastic surgeon).

But c’mon guys, let’s get some perspective on this. I’d like the radio/MTV to be playing something other than his top 50 greatest hits and I really don’t care that much what B-list celebs think about his death (‘tragic’ and ‘will be missed’ are seriously overused terms). Death comes to¬†us all, and sure it’s a shock when a public figure pops his cork, (especially if you’ve shelled out for expensive tickets) but why this mass hysteria? Read more…

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