Mirror mirror on the Nendo climbing wall

Posted by admin on Jul 2, 2011 in Design and Home, random

Climbing is great physical exercise, but it’s not the prettiest of sports. Those ugly shoes, the crampons, the hi-vis jackets (if you’re outdoors).. it’d great for the heart but not so much for the mirror. Japanese design agency Nendo decided to reclaim this sport and has created a beautiful looking climbing wall, complete with rectangular mirrors and vintage looking photo frames. This is no ‘concept mock up’, this is their actual work for the ILLOIHA fitness club in Japan.

The theme used was the idea of  “becoming beautiful through movement“,  and Nendo merged elements from Tokyo’s high fashion district (such as the picture frames, bird cages, mirrors and vases) to create a unusual looking wall that still gave a fulfilling fitness experience. Not only did they succeed in beautifying the traditional climbing wall, but Nendo also hoped to inspire newcomers to the gym to try something they might not otherwise have thought about. Read more…

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