Sounds like I do with Sakura Koshimizu Soundwave jewellery

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2011 in geekery, style

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m fairly obsessed with rings, the more unique the better. I was initially drawn to the Waveform rings because of their distinctive design- I like the combination of the simple band with the laser cut element. When I realized that the laser cut hollow actually reflected a recorded sound wave I was over the moon. This is exactly the kind of jewellery I love, unique, beautiful and a little bit geeky.

Sakura Koshimizu has created a line of pretty pieces called the ‘Waveform Series’. What he does is take beautiful pieces of precious metals and then laser etches out a pre recorded¬†soundwave. The ‘I do’ rings are perfect for a wedding, as he’ll transcribe your loved ones recording exactly. He makes them out of 18k white and yellow gold or silver.

He also has some more ‘fun’ pieces, where he has captured yawns, giggles and sneezes and combined them with precious metal. I think they’re stunning, and such a novel concept. If only he’d do a line of swear words… Read more…

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