The restaurant that gets rebuilt at every tide

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2012 in random, travel

I love a little bit of quirkiness when it comes to dining out, and restaurants that fuse technology with fine dining are a particular favorite. However, this Koh Samui restaurant seriously makes my mind boggle with its particular premise. You can’t get more exclusive than a restaurant that is created from scratch daily for your personal use, and that’s just what the Thailand Napasai Resort does, combing and shaping the fine white sand into an alcove ready for your culinary pleasures. Each night the tide sweeps away this nook, and every morning it is built anew.

The alcove takes around four hours to create, which must make the staff feel *very* fulfilled, but hopefully this effort is reflected in the tip- with meals starting at around ¬£115 / $140 for dinner. Dinner options include fresh sea food on the beach, and everyone gets a private butler to their sand crafted cubbyhole Sounds of waves crashing and seagulls are a bonus, ideally with late night revellers far in the distance…

I think it looks beautiful and would provide a very serene meal, but it makes me wince to think of the effort it takes the sand sculptors to keep rebuilding everyday- talk about monotony!.

I feel that I’ll have¬†to try it to reserve judgement though.. one day!

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