CES 2009- so far it’s just more of the same

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ces_logo I’m incredibly grateful to be in Las Vegas right now. I may have been here twice before (both cheap n cheerful holidays) but this is my first experience of actually working here, and it’s fantastic. Always a sucker for tech toys and gadgets, the fact that there are three huge arenas filled with all types of gizmos’s fills me with inescapable delight. This properly kicks off tomorrow though, so I’ve been doing the rounds of press conferences today. Initially excited at the words of wisdom the likes of Sharp/HP/Samsung would impart, my enthusiasm has peaked and waned with every meeting and left me feeling flatter than Paris Hilton’s chest.

Yes, netbooks are all well and good, but essentially they’re just teeny weeny laptops aren’t they? Despite the fact that they have three acronyms (UMPC, netbook, sub-computer) they’re really NOT that exciting, so the fact that companies are still touting their new ones as the hottest thing EVER is rather sucky. The race to be super slim, super light and super small seems never ending, and I’d really like it if they could change their tune.

That leads me on to TV’s. The eternal plasma vs LCD vs OLED war is still raging on, but the majority of the population don’t CARE whether their new TV has four of five HDMI ports- they just want to be able to afford a device with ONE of them. Boo. And what’s all this about integrated web access? I was one of the first people in the UK to get ITV Digital and that truly sucked (and has long been out of business) – sometimes multifunctionality is taking a good thing too far. With Amazon, Aquos and Yahoo in the various loops, it looks like there’s another battle to be had, but aren’t you tired of format wars? I know I am.

Macworld has been and gone without a single flurry of excitement from me. Yes, a pink iPhone wouldn’t be amazing, but it’s better than software updates (even though DRM free iTunes is pretty cool).

So my hopes lay pinned on tomorrow, when I’ll be exploring the convention halls. I’m hoping for robots, Japanese weirdness and eBooks, and since I already know a few of them are going to be on show, I won’t be disappointed. It’s just a shame the big names couldn’t be part of that.


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Jan 8, 2009 at 11:48 pm

Flatter than Paris Hilton’s chest? Meeeowwwwwwww!!!



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