The Internet: Putting camera repair shops out of business!

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broken-camersMy Canon IXUS died yesterday. It’s pretty devastating as I love that camera, and especially as it wasn’t preceded by a sharp shock to the floor, a basin of water or even an over zealous five year old. No, all of a sudden an error message appeared saying ‘Lens error, restart camera’ and I can’t turn it on anymore as the lens moves not at all.

So what would you do? Curse, cry and go to a repair shop? Well once that was the only option but seeing as we’re so web savvy the first place I turned to was the internet, where it seems a multitude of people have had the same error message.

Here’s where I got my advice-  on Digital Camera HQ.

Ok, most of that that doesn’t help hugely, apart from make me doubt my beloved Canon’s credentials- and I’m seriously in love with this camera manufacturer above all others (their imaging software, shutter speed and DIGIC processing is better than any other compact) but there were also a ridiculous  amount of online suggestions as to how to fix it with helpful commenter’s thumbing up the best ones.

This meant I spent the next hour banging it on the table (*as recommended here- ‘Take a look at where the USB plugs into the camera on the side; if it’s a Canon, there should be a soft padded cover there. Take that side and rap the padded part gently against a table top. Sometimes this works, I don’t know why’) on the USB socket cover, then against the fridge, and then tried turning it on whilst trying to turn the lens counter clockwise. Neither of these worked, so  I moved to the third option, mending it myself by dismantling them.

As I’m in California at the moment I have no tools, so when I return to the UK  it will be a toss up between dismantling it, or going to repair shop. Just the fact that I know I’m not alone in finding this fault with the camera makes me feel so much better. OK it’s still broken and really inconvenient- hello, holiday photos!, but I have hope that it will work again; so angry repair shop men are losing out load of cash due to this. I love you internet!!!


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