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tubestickersIt’s a little embarrassing but I  need more than my hands to count the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep on the bus and tube. True, it tends to be very late at night and my coma is often alcohol induced, but that doesn’t make the drool down my face anymore attractive. I often see people sleeping on my morning train as well- hey, 7am is a killer start, yeah?

How often have I wished I had a handy pen and pad available so people could just nudge me awake when I reached the necessary stop?

Well now they can, with the creation of these rather delectable underground coloured stickers. Simply pop one of these on, and voila you’re good for some shut-eye, safe in the knowledge that the friendly British public will take care of you. Hmm. Or not.

If you’re prepared to risk it, get 20 of these babies for £5 at the Museum of London store.

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Aug 16, 2009 at 1:54 pm

hmmmmmmm, nah I’ll pass. (considering I live in Australia, the oportunity for”delectable underground coloured stickers” is not ahigh prority).

Aug 16, 2009 at 2:41 pm

Really cool. I would have to get the Baker Street one for the US. I liked how you said you do things for work in your free time, and that you had the perfect job. I would like to have something like that.

I think you should try to bring the actress Penelope Ann Miller ‘back’ because she hasn’t done anything for a while and I really liked her. Remember her from “Big Top Pee Wee” and “Kindergarten Cop”?

Well I don’t know if you actually have the power to do something like that, but I found one of your youtube videos when I was looking her up. Her latest project is called “Robosapien: Rebooted.”



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