Decorative Charging Cables add style to your sitting room

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If you’re anything like me, your cables end up in a nasty snarl in front of the TV, phone charger knotting itself around the hairdryer plug, and the XBOX cable somehow caught into the mix. It’s messy and it’s not pretty to look at, but this is all about to change. I’ve just discovered the World Of Alice AC Adapter, created by the same peeps who brought you the rather stunning iida LightPool phone. This time round, the focus is on turning your messy cords into something beauteous and stylish.


The cord is decorated with miniature trains, cars and houses, and turns your wires into a beautiful world, with little silhouettes giving the wire a feeling of movement, a journey if you will, of the electricity to the connection, and the shapes giving you a feeling of purpose and- what the ‘eck, it’s just very pretty. True, it could still get snarled up, but if that happend, it would look like a piece of art, rather than a knotted ball of wires.. well that’s the idea anyways.

Get it for 2096 yen (about £16) from iida. [source]

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