Ten ways to make me unfollow you on Twitter

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I love Twitter. Initially dubious about the service, I quickly discovered it was so much more than people updating you on what they’d had for breakfast, and started to find it a great resource for breaking news stories. Through it I’ve made great contacts, had access to fab info, and even made IRL friends. I see it as a great way to reach people you wouldn’t normally have access too, broaden your circle of webby goodness, and access experts when needed in special fields- I’ve had library help and legal help via Twitter. Some people haven’t quite got the hang of good Tweet-i-quette though, so bear the following in mind if you want to stay on my Friends list.

Number One: The tweet what you eat-er

Thanks to my snobbery against people relaying their food intake in minute detail, it’s unlikely you were doing this when I first followed you. Whatever made you interesting or unique has vanished with your recent diet, and one more –apple, 50k, ten minute walk will having me hitting Unfollow quicker than Rorschach smashing a mirror.

Number Two: You don’t update enough

Whilst not an offense in its own right, whenever I have a clearout of my Twitter account- using UnTweeps, I see who has been inactive for a while, and if it has been 3 months and no action, well…

Number Three: The constant show off

I’m really happy things are going well, and you’re dining morning, noon and night at the Dorchester/Ivy/ Soho Hotel. I DON’T need a constant reminder of how cool and successful you are, nor twitpics of all the foodie delights you’re enjoying- unless very spectacular.

Number Four: The paid to promo tweeter

Some companies have recently been paying influential tweeters CASH per tweet, which is why you might find so many suddenly professing their love for washing powder/lipstick/add your own bugbear here. I don’t like it, as you’re not aware they’re being paid for it, it feels very false.

Number Five: The Live Tweeter

We’ve had live blogging, but now live tweeting is happening, second by second updates on goings on.  It may work in an article (which is constantly refreshed) but for a Apprentice final or Apple conference.. nope. Less is more people- salient facts only.

Number Six: The RT this to win amazing red hot prize!!

Umm, it’s unlikely I’ll win, and I don’t want to annoy MY followers by ReTweeting this. If this was email you’d be called SPAM. Great offers/discount codes/sales alerts are excepted from this.

Number Seven: The Only ten more and I’ve reached 100/200/whatever number of followers Tweet

Seriously, WTF? This is not why I follow you.

Number Eight: The oversharer

I realize this is the opposite of number two, but remember, there is a happy medium, and unless all yout tweets are works of amazing wit, think, PLEASE think, before hitting Tweet. I don’t want to Unfollow you but there are limits.

Number Nine: Tweet like it’s an instant message service

You’re meeting Danni at eight at the Morgan Arms? Great, good for you. Do I need to know about this? Running late for the pub? Please don’t share this, or at least ADD something to that statement, or it’s bye bye.

Number Ten: All ReTweets and no Meat

By this, I don not literally mean meat, but those who constantly share content without ever adding anything to it. I’m really happy I got to see that cool video/funny blog post, but what do YOU think about it? Give me a little personality, that’s why you’re on my list!

I’m not completely heartless, so I don’t carry out all my edicts on the first offense, but a constant repeat offender will find themselves off my list.

How will you know if you’ve offended/annoyed/irritated/bored your audience? I use a service called Twunfollow which sends me depressing alerts everyday, of who has left my fold. Be prepared to grow a thick skin VERY fast.

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