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Everyone likes a little bit of pampering in their life, and the beauty salon industry is more than happy to take the cash off weary people.  How do you make yourself stand out in the ever crowded industry though? You can offer salty snacks, complimentary massages- or you can go the novelty route and get the punters in for the weird and wacky treatments you offer. This is the route the following beauty salons have taken, and they’re certainly quirky enough to get me intrigued. What say you- snake massage or sauna in a tram?

Tram Sauna

Created from an actual tram, this sauna is based in Milan and lets visitors enjoy a relaxing time out with the views of the countryside around them. It was created by QC Termemilano (spa designers) to show how ‘relaxing’ travelling can be. I’m guessing they’ve never battled the Northern Line at 8am then…

snake-massageSnake Massage

Those with a reptile phobia look away now, those with gothy tendencies, please sit up and get out your pen. The Ada Barak Snake Spa in Israel seem to think that snakes can provide you with a relaxing downtime experience, that soothes away your stresses. Personally, I think I’d find it hard to let go, but what do I know?

topless-haircutsTopless hairdressing

This one is probably more for the men.. a hairdresser with a difference. Based in Sydney, the ladies at HotCuts go topless whilst they trim, colour and cut- which has apparently proved popular with the male clientele. Watch where you put those scissors…

wine-spaThe Wine Spa

Who doesn’t like a glass of something fruity once in a while? How about a pool full of the stuff? This is what you get at the Yunessun spa in Hakone, Japan, where bathers can relax in red wine. They say that it’s a ‘rejuvenation treatment for the body’ and I’m sure you’d feel buzzed refreshed after a wallow. They also offer the chance for you to bathe in sake, green tea and coffee.


The Beer Bath in Chodovar

Following on in the alcoholic vein is the Beer Wellness spa in Chodovar. Despite a very tricky website to navigate (Google Transalte and Flash are not friends) I was able to find out that they offer people the options of bathing in a bath full of beer and mineral water. You immerse yourself in this mixture and it’s supposed to:

‘Cause mild and gradual increase in heart rate and activation of blood circulation throughout the vascular system. The bath warms the skin and releases skin pores through which, due to moderate sweating washes away harmful substances from the dermis. Hop grains acts as a cleansing scrub removing tired of skin. Active beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of B vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates and contribute to the overall softening and regeneration. Carbonic acid contained in mineral water collects in the form of multiple bubbles on the skin and thus helps in the effective relaxation sparkling bath. To balance blood pressure, an increase of the bath and enhance the relaxation experience, guests are recommended a glass of natural non-pasteurized beer Chodovar which positively acts in the entire digestive tract.’ So, you bathe in the stuff whilst drinking it. Ok..

I could go into even more depth about the many OTHER odd things you can find in the beauty salons now, from fish pedicures to bird poo facials and even places that use bull semen in their ingredients. Those all go a little too far though, and the above are the only type of odd ones I’d consider.

What do you think- does this type of novelty make you want to try out these venues, or does it totally turn you off?

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Wedding Fan
Apr 1, 2011 at 5:58 pm

I wouldn’t want to try any of these treatments, don’t think I’d be happy with a snake massage.

Oct 31, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Wish there was a vodka bath!



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