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Technology is a fascinating arena as it’s constantly evolving with new and exciting products being released all the time. Many people think that high tech products don’t actually affect them on a day to day basis (unless they’re awaiting the iPhone 5) but there’s actually a lot of stuff that’s getting released that has a direct impact on your health and wellbeing. Many of the newest discoveries can actually enable an easier healthier lifestyle, so I’m eager to share some of the most exciting new ways that technology is moving into the field of health and beauty.

Laser Hair Removal using Sound Waves

Laser hair removal has gained popularity and affordability in the last few years, but it’s still a slightly uncomfortable procedure which involves lots of zapping and messy gels being used. Clinogen Laboratories has developed a new way of doing this using a product called the Epil Sonic which uses sound waves to identify and destroy the hair root.

It’s not a perfect treatment as to channel the sound energy down the hair shaft you do need to use a ‘probe’ which might be uncomfortable, but the sonic power of the soundwaves is able to disable the hair follicle and lead to a reduction of hair growth in the chosen areas. Sound energy coupled with static causes no trauma to the surrounding skin and over a period of 6-8 months can lead to a serious reduction in hair growth.

Due to the nature of this treatment you can treat all areas-even those considered particularly tender- without burning or pigmentation. Whats really exciting is that the Epil Sonic treatment doesn’t target melanin like normal laser treatments, so you can actually treat ALL hair colours including grey, white and red air as well as tanned skin (which would normally burn). FYI, shouting won’t work- you have to go and actually use the Epil Sonic machines for the right frequency.

Perfect Sizing in the fitting room with Fits.me


I love shopping online but I find it frustrating that I need to order an outfit in two or three sizes to make sure that it will fit perfectly. I can blame the fact that companies use different sizing, or I can use the FitBot to enable a perfect fit every time. The Fitbot is a robotic mannequin that comprises of a series of shifting mechanical muscles that adjust based on your measurements. How it works is that websites that are enabled with the Fits.me technology will accept your measurements and you can get an idea of how an item of clothing will hang on your exact physical shape.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to use and you can save your details on the websites you use, so you can log straight in each time. This is currently available on the Hawes and Curtis and Barbour website and they’re adding more clients all the time. One of the things I liked is that when you enter your measurements and ‘try’ the outfits on you’ll actually get feedback such as ‘arms too short’ which can be really helpful.

“Our female FitBot mannequin can adjust to just about any female body type, giving women the confidence that they are making a successful online purchase without the need to return,” says Heikki Haldre, CEO and co-founder of Fits.me Virtual Fitting Room.

It’s good for you as you’ll immediately be able to tell if an item will suit you, and by integrating this companies also see less returns as people are ordering the right sizes.

Read more about the FitBot here.

[Dr Andrew Douglas performs a Botox treatment]

Enjoy needle free Botox with Topical Revance

I’m a big advocate of injectable treatments as they provide results that you simply can’t get with a cream. I do understand that many people are put off these though, either scared of the needles or unwilling to alter their skin in such a visible way. Needle phobics will rejoice at the latest scientific development which means you can get the results of Botox without the use of needles- and no, I don’t mean a ‘Botox like’ effect with a cream, but real Botox itself.

A new product called Topical Revance may be the answer as it’s a gel that offers similar skin tightening benefits and can only be used by a licensed doctor or nurse. So how does it work? Well, it uses RT001 which is the research name of a new ‘wipe on Botox’, from the same family as Botox and Dysport but in the form of a topical gel. It has been used for hyperhidrosis (which injectable Botox is also used for) but new studies have shown that it really improves the look of crows feet, and they may be about to take this from trial to consumer- well, soon-ish anyways. The wipe on gel has around a 4 month effect cycle and I love that it’s needle free, meaning by 2015 (when it may be ready) we’ll have a generation of needle free cosmetic treatments.

Find out all about Topical Revance here. [via]


The Geekiest Toothbrush in the world from Soladey

The Soladey-JX3 may look like the type of Toothbrush you’d see in Tron, but it actually has scientific principles to match. Created as a collaboration by the University of Saskatchewan and Japanese company Shiken what you have here is a light powered toothbrush. The base holds a solar panel which transmits electrons to the brush at the top and this is supposed to interact with mouth acid and help remove bacteria and plaque. The rod that runs down the center of the brush head contains titanium dioxide to produce ions which break down plaque and the Iconic process is activated by light and water- making it super simple to use.That’s a lot of pressure for such a little brush!

This product has actually been in development for over 15 years, but it hasn’t yet achieved mainstream popularity- or a widespread release. part of this may be due to the fact that you DON’T need to use toothpaste with it, and while that might be logical, I think I’ve been culturally trained to feel ‘dirty’ without a minty brushing after taste. The brush handle is designed to last a lifetime, and you can but replaceable brush heads.

If you’re still keen to try this high tech toothbrush you can get it from Soladey for $35 plus $18 delivery.

Beat Grey hair by taking a pill

Grey hair is one of the most feared signs of ageing- and one of the most inevitable. Sure, we have Just For Men and a huge range of female hair dyes, but as much as we admire silver foxes we are terrified of becoming one. Stars like Lady Gaga may have made silver hair temporarily in vogue, but long term it would be great to have a solution that’s not from a dye bottle.

It looks like a PILL bottle may be able to help soon, as L’Oreal have released information about a product they’re developing. Based on a fruit extract that mimics an enzyme called TRP-2, the pill is intended to help prevent hair from ever turning gray. TRP-2 helps create pigment producing cells (melanocytes) and by keeping this in the body the idea is that hair will keep producing colour. It’s not a perfect solution though, as the pill would need to be taken BEFORE hair turns grey, as it’s about maintenance not reversal of colour change. Whilst I don’t like the idea of taking  a pill ‘in case of grey’, you’d probably be able to assess from your family history if and when you’d need to start taking it. There’s still nor release date- or official name- from L’Oreal, but 2015 has been bandied around loosely on the blogosphere. I like the concept, and hope to see this on our shelves- and I also have a suggestion; a pill that changes hair colour-without dye!

The SoundBite places your hearing aid inside the mouth

Hearing aids are a necessity of life for some people, but as much as you need to use them you can be self conscious about  having them visible to the outside world. They also don’t always help you if you are deaf in one ear-which can make you feel unbalanced- and Sonitus Medical aim to solve this problem with the SoundBite. What you’re looking at is a hearing aid that you wear inside the mouth, that uses vibration for sound waves. It’s removable and aims to reduce any embarrassment caused by having a very visible hearing aid as well as providing you with a novel way to process sound. Sound travels through the teeth, using the bones to conduct noise to both cochlea, bypassing the middle and outer ear which will help people who are deaf in one ear regain spatial hearing awareness.

The device is custom made to fit around the left or right upper back teeth and also has a small microphone which you wear behind the ear. Sound is captured by the microphone which wirelessly transmits to the in the mouth device which then produces sound vibration which are conducted to both cochleae (the auditory part of the ear).

Find out more about the SoundBite here.

LED eyeshadow from Lulin Ding

We’re no stranger to cool beauty inventions that focus on the eyes here (remember those LED  lashes?) but LED eyeshadow is a new arena for me. Created by Lulin Ding, the ‘eyeshadow’ consists of a network of wires that connect to an LED bulb that lights up the eyelid, giving it virtual ‘light’ eyeshadow.

‘I was interested in the way women wear eyeshadow and how most of the time you can only see the details when their eyes are closed. I sought to translate the attributes of eyeshadow into a digital medium. I made the initial decision to use the light to paint the eyelids when you blink and close your eye. To digitize the object even more and I programmed the individual LEDs to vary their brightness. This added feature allows different patterns to light upon your eyelids‘, said Lulin.

I think it’s a very pretty look, I’m just not sure how comfortable it would be to wear this, or how practical it would be to apply/attach on a daily basis. The wires are held in place by a small wire frame on the face that uses a Lilypad as a weight to keep it all together. It doesn’t look all that stable, but I could imagine someone like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga rocking this look on stage. Fingers crossed they work out a way to make this available to mainstream consumers.

[via Gizmodo]

Are there any technological beauty mashups here you’re particularly excited about, or do you know about any that you think I should write about?

Let me know in the comments below.

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