Smart T-Pai Dog Home looks like British bus (but cleaner)

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People love their dogs a LOT . We know this to such an extent that we don’t even need to qualify the statement anymore. But when does dog love turn into needing to let your pet live in a replica of a British double decker Red Bus? Chinese company, Hong Kong Tesla Technology Limited (HKTTL) thinks this is just where your pooch wants to stay, and it’s not a simple red bus, it’s a smartbus codenamed the T-Pai that we’re talking about.

Not only does your BFF get to live a’la Queen Liz (on her day off when she’s slumming it) but every single need your dog might have is automated. An automatic feeder releases food and water at set times and can be controlled remotely via cellphone. The T-Pai has enough space for a weeks worth of food; so if you go walkies, they don’t go hungry.

T-Pai Dog house

All their toilet needs are taken care of as well.  The T-Pai has an “Auto toilet” which emits a scent that makes dogs want to go, and when they poop, this is what happens: “When the system detects excrement, it will flush and sterilize automatically.” Hands/Paws free. Nice.

Yep, this dog will live in a fancier home than you. But you can console yourself with the fact that you’re the one playing Big Brother. A number of cameras are hidden inside it, so you can get multiple views of just what your pet is up to. You can even choose to lock your dog out of his home via the app, and if you feel your pup is lonely , the integrated PetStation (you can’t make these things up) has “touch games, learning programs, music videos, and remote chat functions.”


Who doesn’t like a 1-on-1 doggystyle? And touch games.. think of all the extra bones he could earn. I mean we have doggy iPad classes so why not computer games?

The T-Pai is no concept cash cow, it’s a fully funded project on DemoHour so will be going into full production soon, and you can currently pre order it online.

But why, you ask (at least I hope you’re asking?). Is it because of the Chinese fetishization of British culture? The live for all things bus like? Or just the hatred of having to do mundane things like feed and clean dogs by hand? The T-Pai website says it’s for those who “hate to clean sh*ts,” and those who “want to know what’s going on all the time.” I guess that answers that, right? Ummm. Or not.

Order one here if its hitting your spot. Judgment not included.

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