High Fashion QR Codes herald the start of Fashion Week A/W 2011

Posted by admin on Aug 18, 2011 in geekery, style

Fashion Week  A/W 2011 is looming on the horizon, and I’ve just spotted a great way to ease yourself into the coming month of non stop catwalk collections. Illustrator Yiyung Lu had designed ten fashion icons with embedded QR codes, and this is one of the prettiest-and stylish– QR mash ups I’ve seen. For the uninitiated, a QR (stands for Quick Response) code is a small matrix barcode that can be read by any device with a QR reader. Today most mobile phones are equipped with this capability- and it’s very easy to download a free QR reader from the relevant App store. You open the app, hold your phone over the image, and the QR reader reveals what’s encoded within the QR code- which can be anything from playing a video, to redirecting you to a website.

Yiying Lu has drawn ten people that Meets Obsession Magazine deems the most interesting in fashion, and they range from high profile editor Anna Wintour and Chloe Sevigny to the Olsen twins (make of that what you will) and Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel. These QR codes will reveal the biographies of those pictured and images of them, letting you brush up on the current ‘Who’s Who‘ of style. Read more…

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Sounds like I do with Sakura Koshimizu Soundwave jewellery

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2011 in geekery, style

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m fairly obsessed with rings, the more unique the better. I was initially drawn to the Waveform rings because of their distinctive design- I like the combination of the simple band with the laser cut element. When I realized that the laser cut hollow actually reflected a recorded sound wave I was over the moon. This is exactly the kind of jewellery I love, unique, beautiful and a little bit geeky.

Sakura Koshimizu has created a line of pretty pieces called the ‘Waveform Series’. What he does is take beautiful pieces of precious metals and then laser etches out a pre recorded soundwave. The ‘I do’ rings are perfect for a wedding, as he’ll transcribe your loved ones recording exactly. He makes them out of 18k white and yellow gold or silver.

He also has some more ‘fun’ pieces, where he has captured yawns, giggles and sneezes and combined them with precious metal. I think they’re stunning, and such a novel concept. If only he’d do a line of swear words… Read more…

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Knuckle duster cityscapes from Plastique

Posted by admin on Jul 5, 2011 in style

Tower of London ring

Taj Mahal ring

Etsy artist Plastique has created a stunning selection of cityscape rings. I love the attention to detail she has on each of the rings, and that you can choose between the one finger version (as seen in the Taj Mahal ring) and two and three finger rings- great for a contemporary feel. Plastique is the collection name created by graphic designer Jen Murse who makes the pieces by laser cutting acrylic. Each piece is handmade, so every purchase is unique and I love how she represents each city. Necklace versions are available as well as rings, but it’s the way she combines the limitations of the ring format with the city as a whole that really attracts me. Read more…

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Get a low key Lady Gaga look with the Black Lace Face Tattoo masks

Posted by admin on Jun 16, 2011 in beauty, style

Lady Gaga’s success has heralded a new age for fashion and beauty, where women are prepared to take more risks with their attire and wear new and unusual things. These beautiful looking Black Lace face tattoo masks are a nod to this new direction, but rather than being outrageous and crazy they actually look rather beautiful and relatively restrained. 

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The Great Designer Size Issue

Posted by admin on May 2, 2011 in news, style

Any woman will be able to tell you that the high street sizing policy is inconsistent. A happy size 10 in Marks and Spencer will struggle to fit into a Topshop size 12, and will need to take an 8 or a 6 when visiting Jaeger. This is due to all sorts of reasons; from some stores choosing to cut more generously- or tailor their clothes for curvier women- to the rise of vanity sizing, where clothes are labelled as small to give the customer a false sense of thinness.

The New York Times has created an interesting infographic that shows the discrepancy between sizes on the high street- and also how many high end designers are consciously cutting their clothes to be on the small side. When you look at the above chart you can see that Marc Jacobs cuts their clothes considerably smaller than Ralph Lauren. We could  theorize that’s because Marc Jacobs caters to a younger crowd, and is looking for young attractive people to wear their line, whilst Ralph Lauren is worn by a slightly older market and is happy to give people room for curves/ dinner, but this is really all conjecture, and we’ll never know exactly why these decisions have been made.

What we can see however is the differences in waist size in black and white, which will help us guide our way around the ever baffling changing sizes in women’s fashion. I’d love it if we could all agree on one standard sizing policy and forgo the vanity sizing nonsense, but till then at least we have this rough guide to clothing sizes to help us navigate the stores.

[via NYT]


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Milk, honey and butterfly wings- strange ingredients used in jewellery

Posted by admin on Mar 10, 2011 in style

I love jewellery as next as the other female magpies in the world, but sometimes I start to get a little bored of how samey samey it all is. Like it big and bling? Fine, go to Net-A-Porter or Jane Norman. Want it kitsch and retro? Check out Tatty Devine and PunkyPins. Want it a little kooky but still cute and affordable? Topshop, Hannah Zakari and ASOS are your merchants of choice. No matter what you wear, you still manage to define yourself, into some weird sub strata, whether it be by style, budget or personality- and don’t even get me started on celeb affectations.

What do you do if you want something truly unique, but haven’t got the energy or patience to go and create something yourself? Well, in this case, you can come to me, where I’ll show you some strange but beautiful jewellery oddities that I guarantee you no one will else will be wearing down Wetherspoons. The following pieces are all created using interesting ingredients- that’s right, ‘ingredients’, not precious metals or Swarovski bling. Think animal bones, honey and milk! (Yes, really).


Necklace featuring a REAL LIFE butterfly wing

Note: No butterflies were harmed in its creation.

A super sweet wing hangs in a little glass vial, and is draped on a chain round your neck. I love butterflies, and all wings are obtained from a butterfly sanctuary after the owner has expired* (*sob). This is incredible, as you’ll never get one the same. Get it here for $45.


Eyelash necklace

Created from real human hair, these pices are whimsical and floaty with a strangely alluring charm., You can opt for one set with pearls or silver beads.$30-$38 from Stephanie Simek .

Check out more unique necklaces after the jump.

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It’s My Scar custom jewellery celebrates your scrapes

Posted by admin on Jan 27, 2011 in style


Every scar you have tells its own story, from a skateboard accident when you were younger, to a propensity for chewing your cuticles. Scars encompass many periods in your life, from those created in childbirth to those inflicted by surgeons. They are all unique to each individual and often symbolize change. Not all change is voluntary though, as those who get their scars from operations may feel unhappy and ashamed of their blemishes- or may choose to be proud and take possession instead!

This was the philoshpy behind It’s my Scar jewellery, created by Francesca, who had thyroid cancer. The operation to remove her thyroid left her with a noticeable scar on her neck, and she was left with two options. She could take the poloneck/scarf route, or she could celebrate the fact that the scar symbolized a new lease of life, and how better to do that than immortalize it in metal?

A wax rendering of the scar was made, and then it was cast and then the piece was molded out of precious metal, to be worn with pride just below the scar. This creation spawned a business, where people worldwide send images of their scars in to be turned into wearable and stylish reminders.

arm-wound-necklace Read more…

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