Five Sexy Halloween Costumes for Geeks

Posted by admin on Oct 27, 2010 in geekery, lists, style


Halloween is in the offing, and I’m counting down the days till I can get into costume, eat candies with a variety of E numbers and enjoy watching Scream on repeat once more. Once the playground for girls wanting to express their slutty side without prejudice, Halloween now caters to all kinds of folk, from Warcraft fans to those who get their kicks watching Veronica Mars reruns (or is that just me?). Yes, there are still some absolute Halloween howlers out there, but there are also some very cute costumes which epitomize geek chic. They may still be kinda slutty, but they’re a step up from the ‘Saucy witch’ or ‘Horny Devil’ that the Ann Summers massive is so fond of.

Scrabble Halloween Costume

Scrabble has moved up a step from those innocent games you used to play with your Gran. It now features an array of dirty words (all correctly spelt) which include Eros, lust, Tease and Salacious. That’s 14 points for Salacious, not including the double or triple word score. You rock, sexy speller girl, you and your customised bustier, gloves and garter! Grrrr! Read more…

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