Hallelujah for the heatwave!

Posted by admin on Jun 30, 2009 in random

heattimeYes, I’m boiling. My blood is raising to an unholy degree and sometimes I almost think I can hear the capillaries sizzle, when I’m really, really quiet. My train smells of BO and morning breath and I find myself gasping in air. Despite all this I LOVE IT. Love, love, love it.

And why is this? Well us Brits may love to complain so I’ll join in half heartedly but honestly- torrential downpour or blistering heat? I’ll take the heat every-time. I feel freer, more energized, more awake and more attractive. I love wearing sunglasses, licking ice lollies and eating salads for fun, rather than health reasons. I like coming home late and it still being light, I love the way a thin bed sheet is suddenly all I need and I like how I’m more adventurous because I’m not worried about turning blue.

I like not carrying a jacket/scarf/gloves/hat and I love how relaxed I feel when all I have on is just a T-shirt and skirt. I’m happy to go for ice cream over chocolate, and I like how chocolate seems less inviting when you envisage it as a sticky melted mess down your top. I like how much sexier I feel with a light tan, and how sexier other people look as well. I like the feeling of camaraderie when people share their suncream and water, and I’m planning to like how tubes will be closed due to serious overheating (think time off work folks).

I like the freedom, the fun and the capricious attitude that come from sunbeams, and this means I’m willing to put up with commuters underarms, dizzy spells, sunburn and dehydration. Long live summer!

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