Ring a ding different: 5 Geeklicious rings

Posted by admin on Mar 15, 2012 in geekery, style

Readers of this site and people who know me IRL will know that I’m currently going through a small ring phase. It’s not a ‘look at that rock from Tiffany’s’ type of thing, rather an abundant fondness for all sorts of finger adornments, the geekier the better. Since I’ve been splurging/investing on Etsy/eBay/Asos I thought it only fair to share with you some of my geeklicious finds and then my shopping will come unvder the heading of ‘work’. OK, research then-maybe?

Here are five of my favourite geeky finger finds.

The telescope ring

Steampunk aficionados or any reader of China Mieville will adore this multi purpose ring. On first glance it appears a cool bronzed piece of finger candy, but once you’ve played with it it unfolds into a miniature telescope with two tiny lenses, which can also double as a magnifying glass. Oh, and there’s a compass as well- so it’s practical too! Read more…

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