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The mere fact that web comics exist imbues them with a slight sense of geekiness, the fact that you can get your daily comic hit online is almost absurd with someone who grew up in the era of weekly strips and mags, and I still remember Bunty with a certain nostalgia. There are a lot of really intelligent and funny web comics out there, and these are a few of my favourites for you to enjoy. They all have their own brand of geekiness, from the web comics that revolve around computer hackers and their exploits to those that mock the latest gadgets, from iPhones to E3 escapades.

Heidi, Geek Girl Detective

This comic has been going for a number of years and stars Heidi, a web expert with a complex past and a fondness for khaki colours. She uses her computer skills to solve crimes and her adventures tend to involve a lot of processing and downloading, with the odd break in. She’s smart, sassy and sarcastic and you’ll love the dry humour and the way all her hacker friends have pseudonyms, e.g., Fruit Cup Boy. I also love how you’ll actually learn about tech whilst reading it, as the author doesn’t shy away from descriptions of web proxies etc in the text,

(pictured above).

Check out Heidi, Geek Girl Detective here.

Diesel Sweeties

This is an amusing pixelated comic that originated in the year 2000. It’s written by Richard Stevens the Third (I know, eye roll) and is highly entertaining. It revolves around the awkward relationship between Maura and Clango (an ex porn star and a robot) with a cast of interesting characters, from morose indie boys to goth kids and the dynamic and the one liners are always spot on. It takes a while to get used to the graphical style, but once you’ve stopped squinting you’ll really enjoy it.

Read Diesel Sweeties here. Read more…

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