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In the last week there has been a lot of hype about a website called Vagenda Magazine. This is surprising for two reasons; 1, the website is barely two months old, and 2, whilst funny, incisive and clever there already exists a plethora of websites that do a similar job to this site. The lure of Vagenda is that it takes everyday topics that are constantly thrown at women and breaks them down into digestible sarcastic nutshells, threaded through with humour and intelligence. Features include stuff such as ‘Your Body is a Battleground‘ and ‘Cliff Notes for Cosmo’.

I’m a fan of the site, and love that its gaining such traction even though it’s still in its infancy. The hype that has surrounded it though has made me realize that though I personally know ( and bookmark) similarly well written women’s sites, it’s possible that OTHER people may not have heard of them and be privy to their personal brand of humour, media dissection and all round snarkitude. In lieu of this alarming fact, I’m going to share with you some of the favourite female-centric sites on my bookmarks bar for you to enjoy. I realize that you may notice some major missing offenders (The F Word, before you mention it) and that’s not because these sites aren’t important or powerful or share good content, it’s that IMO they lack the entertainment factor, which is what scares so many women away from the word feminism. I’m not going to have a massive diatribe now about what that word really means or connotes, but merely share with you five websites that take a lighthearted look at women’s issues, whilst still firmly keeping up the girl power flag.

The Beheld

The tagline of this blog is ‘beauty and what it means’, and if you delve a little deeper into that phrase you get this explanation.

‘What I care about is: How does our appearance affect how we move through the world? What is the relationship between our “beauty labor” and our visibility? What can we glean from women’s history—from Cleopatra and her kohl to the “lipstick liberation” of the 1920s to Naomi Wolf’s groundbreaking 1991 book The Beauty Myth—about the role of appearance, beauty, and cosmetics in our lives? How do we experience being seen, seeing others, and seeing ourselves?’

Written by Autumn Whitefield-Madrano the blog dissects the use of beauty in today’s society, and analyzes the trends and changes in this domain. Forget fluff pieces about ‘the best way to wear red lipstick’, the blog is a though  provoking journey through top stories in the beauty industry, all with a feministing flavour and some insightful comments. Never preachy, this site is a place to share information and to muse on it, and Autumn is great in the way she allows you to make up your own mind about various issues. The topics range from the everyday to the eclectic and include features such as Thoughts on A Word where she delves into the etymology of commonly used beauty phrases like glamour or vaingloriuous, and Beauty Blogosphere round-ups that are far more detailed than the usual fluff pieces (and leave me with a browser full of open links and a feeling of guilt). Other  blog posts are more detailed- such as Modeling as Modern Day Physiognomy, but the tone remains intelligent Read more…

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