Get a low key Lady Gaga look with the Black Lace Face Tattoo masks

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Lady Gaga’s success has heralded a new age for fashion and beauty, where women are prepared to take more risks with their attire and wear new and unusual things. These beautiful looking Black Lace face tattoo masks are a nod to this new direction, but rather than being outrageous and crazy they actually look rather beautiful and relatively restrained. 

I love how the models have been styled very simply- the masks are the focus of their outfit and they don’t need garish clothes or makeup to add to the effect. We’re probably not ready for these to be considered workwear (yet) but looking at the smaller pieces and seeing how classy they are, I wouldn’t be too surprised in a few years if this type of face decoration became more mainstream.

The black lace mask come in various sizes, and are attached to the face by a skin friendly adhesive (included). They can be used multiple times, and you can also request customized pieces.

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Get the Laced and waisted face lace masks from $15 for a small one to $40 for a large one.

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