Ten ways to show off your love of mopeds

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In the last year I’ve become a huge fan of mopeds. This stems from having got one and discovering how free I feel when driving, the fact that traffic is now a game of Tetris rather than an angry throbbing in my temples and  feeling the wind whip my hair as I zoom away incredibly liberating. In order to celebrate my love of all things moped/scooter (different names for different countries) I thought I’d do a small celebratory piece on how a moped devotee can bring their enthusiasm for the two wheeled treasure into every aspect of their life.

iScoot Charm Necklace

This pretty necklace is a perfect way to highlight your two wheeled preferences, as well as being sweetly decorative as well. Created in sterling silver it’s a sweet charm that I’d be happy to wear. $38 from Juella Designs

Christmas tree Scooter Ornament

Decorate your tree scooter style with these sweet ornaments. There are a variety of colours to choose from so you can match it to your bike! $8 from Scooter Crafty

Vespa rocking horse

This is too cute not to include, though you can’t actually buy this. It was created by a Grandfather for his grandson and is sooo cute! I’m guessing scooter love runs deep in that family. You might be able to make one at home, but I’m guessing the man hours would be extreme.


Spiffy Scooters Stamps

Crafty folk will love the idea of being able to use moped images on all of their card designs and these shapes are a useful outline to your work, and can help inspire you.

$14.99 from Paper Smooches Stamps

Fine Art Scooter Moped photos

Invest in a stylish photo of your beloved bike (or someone else’s). I love the above print- the colours are so vibrant and it really brings across the feeling of movement that you get whilst riding- even though its stationary. The potential drive it insinuates is really attractive- makes me want to get on and explore that scene.

$24 from BigBeanPhotos

Vintage Scooter TShirt

This is a cute screenprint of the inner workings of a Vespa, and is subtle enough to wear everyday (depending on your job). I think the cut is flattering, and they use American Apparel T shirts, so you know they wash well.

$18 from Happy Family

Moped Vinyl Tablecloth

Chow down in style with this cute vinyl tablecloth. I like that it has so many colours on it, and it could double as picnic blanket as well.

£5.50 here.

Vespa Scooter plush

Keep the moped love in the family and get your babe a beautiful moped plush toy to play with. Strange moustached plush man an extra you can opt for.. or not.

7 Euros from Atelier Pompadour

Retro Vinyl Vespa Wall Decal

How better to say ‘I love my scooter’ than have a massive wall decal of it? This vinyl print is easy to apply and will leave people in no doubt of where your heart lies. Either that, or they’ll think it’s serious overkill- but who care what they think right? $45 from BeePart

Moped laptop bag

This item comes in blue or red and is a simple way of adding some extra scooter-ness to your everyday life!  Get it here.

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