Light Fantastic Couture: Dresses made of lightbeams

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Many things in life impress me but some are  jaw droppingly beautiful that all I can do is stare at them in a daze, mouth open in admiration whilst I struggle for something vaguely intelligible and profound to say. These images of light created dresses by Atton Conrad provoke this response in me, as it’s just so hard to wrap my head around the fact that these models are naked and their couture gowns are an illusion created by light triggered around the models using a slow release camera.

It takes the concept of design and wearable art to a new level as though you might drool at these amazing dress designs there’s no current way to wear them, and even translating them into and sort of material would be a challenge.

Atton Conrad is not a traditional photographer as he has a background in advertising and his eye for detail really makes these images pop. The models are literally clothed in light, as he paints them with light brushes whilst the studio remains in blackout mode- and then pop goes the camera. I’m not going to pretend I totally understand that last sentence but I know that I’m awed and amazed by these dresses and that they make me want to go do something wild and beautiful for myself now.

These are what Disney princesses would wear in the 31st century, and I’m thrilled we get a peek at them now!

Check out more of Atton Conrad’s work here.

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