On the Box:12 TV shows to put on your radar

Posted by admin on Nov 10, 2009 in news, Television

best_tv_2009There are a lot of new shows available at the moment, but just because something is new doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth wasting 30 precious minutes of your time. I realize the ones I select won’t be to every-one’s taste, but seeing as I have penchant for streaming niche US shows, at least your attention will be drawn to a wider variety. I tend to favour eclectic, eccentric shows, that are clever, insightful, and if there’s a little bit of fantasy in there as well, so much the better.

The new ones:

These have either just been released in the UK, or are on Season 1 in the USA.


A high school show based around musical numbers may sound like your idea of hell, but let me explain! This is no soppy High School Musical spin off, it’s a cynical satirical look at a high school Glee club, complete with bumbling energetic teacher and OCD therapist. It’s sharp, smart and witty, and yes, there is some singing and dancing. Enjoy watching stereotypes disintegrate (the chaste cheerleader becomes pregnant and plans to sell the baby) and they even have Joss Whedon on board to direct an episode. Yes, the WHEDON man, creator of Dollhouse and Buffy. The cheerleaders are called the ‘Cheerios’, there’s a fabulous gay kid, and somehow the show manages to really hit home with tangible points. Should be coming to the UK soon, but the first 5 episodes or so are available online *cough*. Read more…

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