Fontface showcases classic fonts on your face!

Posted by admin on Jun 8, 2011 in beauty, geekery

When I was younger I thought that Comic Sans was the coolest thing since Cheesestrings created a ‘Twisted’ variety’ and used it happily on all my school homework and embarrasing  short stories (cringe). I’ve now moved on to more mature fonts, with Arial battling it out with Times New Roman, plus a secret penchant for Calibri. I’m not the only person who gets rather excited about fonts, as Atipo (a Spanish design collective) have created a series called Fontface which illustrates classic fonts using models and makeups. Their collection comprises of four iconic fonts from Helvetica Bold to Caslon Italic, and it looks very striking.  Each face was created paistakingly and took a number of hours to perfect- with the final look visually gripping.

I’d like to see them expand this series- how about recreating some more modern day iconic fonts for us to enjoy?

Learn more about Atipo here.

[via BellaSugar]

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